Monday, July 12, 2010

Ma birthday!

Well the sweat pimple I got on my arse has healed, and my shoulders which yesterday felt as if they had been tasered right in the major nerve supplies are much better. Recovery from my all day ZUMBA instructor training workshop on Saturday has been surprising swift. The worst pain I suffered was from being without Andre and towards the end of the workshop my boobs were so sore from being engorged with milk - my God! Try doing chest pumps and shoulder shimmies with massively sore boobs - OUCH! My friend Jennifer, (you might remember her as the chiropractor I fell in love with after she cracked my neck and fixed my headaches, not to mention she is a total spunk..) offered me her spare extra supportive crop top but I had to resort to contacting Greg to bring in Andre for an emergency feed in the middle of the last master class. The training day was excellent - kinda like being at uni again with the handouts and manuals and powerpoint presentation but way more fun and sweat and minus the note taking. (So, okay not much like uni at all.) The guy running it was an absolute dream to look at and I don't give away compliments too often but check him out on facebook if you like - "Jaime Farfan", mmm-mmm. Between him and Jennifer I was bedazzled by beauty. One day I'm going to get serious about making Zumba my lifestyle.. In the meantime I can't wait to get back to class tomorrow night!

Had such busy school holidays. Izzy spent 2 weeks here!!! (Bar weekends) So nice! He let me give him a nice hair cut (actually requested one!!) and we made a compromise that he can dye his hair whatever the hell colour he wants (Joker-Green) as long as he doesn't stretch his lobe any more!

My old neighbour and close friend Julie came down with her kids and spent 3 nights. We hadn't seen each other for about a year! so it was excellent having her here - she's great company. She's just bought an old Queenslander in Railway Estate, Townsville and is in the midst of doing major reno's so we pawed over house plans and Home Beautiful mags (Greg bought me a subscription - YAY!) and talked all house and building stuff - my favourite topic! We spent plenty of time in the kitchen feeding the troops, I did the cooking and she did the dishes - Man it was nice having a kitchen hand! Actually life is so much easier with another woman in the house!! Even if she comes with 3 extra kids!

My birthday was on Friday and Julie made me breakfast before she packed up to take the kids home - the BEST omelet I've ever eaten with left over roast veges, mushrooms, chicken and Havarti cheese - to die for! And she showered me in cool pressies from SMIGGLES!! I love that shop! Greg and the kids gifted me a new camera! Mum brought down a humongous and still warm chocolate cake with home made mock cream and Nick gave me a gift voucher for the Healthy Harvest - knowing myself I'll probably end up spending the whole $100 on their organic dark chocolate!

It's Anakin's birthday next week. 4!! We're inviting our friends to pack a picnic lunch and join us on a bushwalk to Lugger Bay. Hope the weather will be good! He's going to love his prezzies too! Dragons, dinosaurs, things to hatch and train..dress-ups.... We were thinking of a disco dance party but he opted for the bushwalk instead.

I love that little boy so much. You should see the enjoyment he squeezes out of life and the simple things he can turn into a real laugh. He was given a helium balloon the other night and after having all sorts of games with it and playing with it non stop for an entire day he asked me to write "For Sale" on it and then tucked it into André's shirt so as he crawled around the house the For Sale sign hovered over him. He thought that was hilarious. He has his tantrums and dilemmas too of course. Last night I opened the door to throw an old pomelo into the bush and off went his balloon high into the trees - he HOWLED! "Now someone will think that my balloon is for sale!!" But his natural propensity is always to smile and joke, laugh and wink and give thumbs up. I'd die without him.

Andre is a powerhouse. You hold that boy out and he just writhes and twists like a spring of muscle. He's been crawling on all fours for about a month now and can pull himself up to standing on all the furniture. He usually has one big feed of tucker a day now, not that he has any teeth yet - either mashed avo and banano, sweet potato and pumpkin, black sapote, or store bought organic blends. When I was at my Zumba Workshop Greg bought him to see me at lunch time and he was so well fed on food and green coconut milk he wouldn't even have boobie! Every now and again he'll go off his tucker for a couple of days but generally he hooks in. I've got to keep a close eye on him coz there's usually grass and paper in his poo too!

I told you about his beautiful sing-song voice, well these days he's more inclined to make oddly disturbing noises, one is like that of someone imitating machine gun fire and the other sounds like he's having an asthma attack!


Tiff said...

I'm expecting personal Zumba instruction when we visit now you're all trained up!!!

I can't believe Buck is turning 4!!! wah! What do you get a 4 year old for his birthday???

So cant wait to come down and talk houses and weddings!!!

Cant wait to see y'all. xox

PS - Anakin... move over bucko, I'm sleeping in YOUR bed this weekend! lol

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..