Monday, June 1, 2009


4:20 am and I just had to get up to put a load of washing on... okay so the bathroom reno's have taken a far while longer than I anticipated (now the whole septic needs re-trenching as well! Phttt!) and the house is still in a complete shambles, and I just wish I didn't have to be the one to have to constantly try sort it all out! Story of my life..

Nana passed away last weekend. I was at the hospital with my Uncle Barry when they took away her respirator and shared in the last couple of hours she was here. We're all going to miss her like crazy, she epitomized the essence of the quintessential Grandma without even trying a bit! I'd do annoying things, like throwing-up on her carpet in the middle of the night in my sleep and requesting the same movies over and over again at the video shop and... umm.. (well, okay I wasn't that annoying), Nick would get car sick on the way to the creek and complain about our noisy renditions of old show tunes.. (she wasn't that annoying either). She just loved us so much (we decorated her dresser in all these handmade coloured-paper flowers once and she left them there for like over a decade!) and I can't even remember her once showing us the slightest bit of frustration, EVER! She would never say a nasty word about anyone, she just was the sweetest lady in the whole world.

I got to have one visit with her in the ICU when she was conscience and able to talk. The first thing she said to me was "How's the little baby?" I said "Yeah, he's real good, he's over at Chris's place, Chris took a lunch break so I didn't have to bring the kids along.." She said "Not Anakin. The LITTLE baby". I'd barely told anyone I was pregnant and I wasn't really in a rush to tell Nana coz I knew she wasn't real keen on the idea of me having anymore, she liked a lady to have freedom in life... I said to her "How did you know Nana? I've hardly told anyone!" She reckons real slyly and whimsically "I'm a Sage.." I've got the feeling my gf might have let it slip when she visited her previously, but she's not telling me so. She put me to good use that day, rubbing her swollen feet with cream and getting me to slip ice chips in her mouth against Doctors' wishes. Her body was so swollen with fluids she couldn't even lift her own arms. I wish her last few weeks didn't have to be the way they were. It was so horrible for her. Her and Grandad were married for 60 years. Granddad is utterly heartbroken. We all are. She was so beautiful..

This weekend I had an appointment for an NT scan seeing as I have now reached "advanced maternal age" (can that be real??) It was awesome to see Berry on screen although Greg was starting to feel vicarious claustrophobia for the little tacka. He looks all healthy and has a 155bpm heartbeat. The sweetest image I have is of the back of his (?) little skull and his spinal chord trailing down past the two dark kidney patches and ending at his skinny little bony-bum. It's so darling.

I'm so glad me and Anakin are having the day together at home today. Worked with the Grade Five's yesterday so had to farm him out to Auntie Nick again, plus we've been away from home two weekends in a row, we really just need a couple days to potter about and chillax.

Yesterday morning, I got up with Greg at the crack of dawn to get organised for work and after getting dressed I noticed Anakin's little sparkly eyes glinting through the crack of the bedroom door. Usually he'd come right out and find us, but he was just hanging-back and peeking, I said "Good Morning Beautiful. What's the matter Bubby? What are you doing?" and then I got real close and could smell pee wafting through the crack. I said "What's the matter Darlin', did you do a wee-wee?" He opens the door to reveal his drenched pyjama's and goes "No, I'm just real sweaty.." Funny boy. He hangs on to me all night like a bloody spider-monkey, he nearly throttles me he cuddles up to me so tight. He still asks for titty too, but is generally happy just to lick me all over the face!

We got some new budgies on the weekend too, they are such little babies. I called mine "Sassy" coz it bit the lady who caught it like a bloody piranha and Anakin called his "Crappy" but has since changed it's name to "Greenie". It's so nice to have birds again.

Greg thinks he's the luckiest man around. Not just once but twice, I initiated Sunday! Must be my aching boobs and the extra blood flow to pertinent areas. Gets me going. Actually it's just him, he's a bit of a spunk.


Danni said...

Im so sorry about your beautiful nanna's passing :o(

But on the other hand, Im happy to hear that Berry is doing well! Cant wait to hear more about him/her in the coming months!

Penny said...

What a beautiful woman...your Nanna sounded amazing and what great memories you'll have of her. I hope you are okay.

Good news on little Berry - I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey!

Averil said...

Wow, I see you in your Nan. what a beautiful woman she is.

I am so sorry you had to say goodbye. Lots of love & kisses & cuddles to you.

How special that she got to know about the Littlest baby before she left. *sob sob*

Thinking of you heaps,

xx Ave

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your Nanna. Your tribute to her is beautiful.

Is Berry the new babe's full name or nickname?