Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update on the 3 Little Piggies.

Izzy's heading to Perisher Valley for some snowboarding with his Dad on Wednesday - so I won't be seeing him on his 13th birthday :( He's just spent the last 5 nights here (he's become addicted to Facebook and his Dad has no internet) It was a nice, incident free stay, thank the Lord! No tears or tantrums from anyone! Although he did blame me for "killing his buzz" a few times when lecturing him about, eating healthily for longevity. Actually I was pleasantly surprised he took my suggestion this morning and ate a big bowl of Just Right instead of Crispix before school this morning. And snacked on strawberries and nashi pears all weekend. (In between glasses of milo I must say.) I don't think he ate even one packet of Mi-Goreng noodles the whole time he was here!!

I measured him on the wall and he has grown 10cm's in under a year! He is a whole 5cm's taller than me now. He's actually cleansing his face, washing his hair and brushing his teeth these days - makes me think there might be some interest in girls starting to spark.. I know he's good mates with a few but if their interested in him is anything but, he's still describing it as "an unfortunate turn of events", or, "sad, but true".

I'm hoping he comes over for his favourite dinner the night before he leaves, so I can make him a birthday cake too. I ordered him the 5th generation iPod for his birthday, he picked out a green one with the inscription "If you can read this you're too close to my iPod." I thought "I rock therefore I am" suited him better, but he didn't get the cross reference. It got shipped today so with any luck it'll be here on time for him to download some songs onto it and take it away with him. He's right into this heavy metal band In Flames and I seriously need to get some footage of his headbanging prowess. He belongs on stage.

Anakin's growing up right before our eyes! Last weekend we took him for a walk up the creek out at Dad's place and he just went totally berserk with joy. It was SO difficult making him understand how dangerous it was! He just desperately wanted to run helter skelter across every slippery rock surface, slide head first into every rock pool, slip down every rapid... I couldn't let go of his hand, it was CRAZY. It was him and 4 adults (mind you I was the only responsible sober one) and he still managed to go underwater a couple of time. He was just SO EXCITED and FULL ON! I kept having to remind him "Bubby! You can't swim!!!!" Greg slipped over on the rocks a few times but thankfully Anakin came away shivering with cold, but otherwise unscathed.

He loves the library and he loves playgroup at the moment. He likes engaging any one he can in a conversation and last week was going around telling all the mums "My Brussy went on Speed did you know?" It sounded terrible and I kept having to explain "he means the ride "Speed", at the Show.." Shame. For ages he's been totally absorbed by comic book Superheroes, all day he's raving on about Sandman and Juggernaut, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Cyclops...

He's developed his first phobia too - he HATE HATE HATES being left buckled in the car, if I have to race back inside for my sunnies or jump out to pay for some fruit on the side of the road he totally freaks and sobs these huge tears rolling down his poor little eyes. The first couple of times I told him he was just being silly, but he can't even stand me closing his door and then walking around the car to get in my side!! Plus one late afternoon a couple weeks ago he was sitting in the boot of the car reading some books while I emptied the scrap bucket and picked some carambolas just nearby. The phone rang so I raced inside for it and spent about half a minute talking - by the time I got back outside he'd closed himself in the boot and was screaming out for me and banging hard on lid. It was SO terrible! He'd peed his pants and was trembling with fear when I got him out but recovered really quickly and reassured me he was only in there for a little tiny while (even the total amount of time he was trapped like that could have only been 30 seconds or so - I was worried it would've felt like an eternity to him!) I asked him if he felt squashed or if he was scared because it was dark in there, or stuffy, but he reckons he was worried that monsters were going to get him. I'm wondering if knowing that he can't get out of the buckles in his carseat reminds of being trapped in the boot. Poor kid, I'll make sure nothing like that ever happens again!! At the moment he's plucking away at this little coconut instrument we've got singing me "Billy Jean's not my Love, she's a just a girl, who says that I am the one.."

The littlest brother in the family feels so humongous inside me already. But is still managing to do full somersaults - so painful! Actually I don't really know what he's doing in there but my God, sometimes I have the hardest ridges sticking right out - I think maybe his butt and back. At night I wake up so painfully tight and bulging out in really odd shapes. My belly is square like a box from side on - just like it was with Anakin! I've had someone comment "you can't have too long"!!! Weve only just reached the third trimester!!

Anyway I better go - this chair is killing my back and the floor's not going to vacc itself, unfortunately...

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Kim said...

It tells you how long since I've visited you here - I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT!!!! Congratulations! I'm off to catch up on your blog *blush*