Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 down, 10 to go!

Anakin and Izzy are up at the shed doing some "weights" - the house is peaceful and quiet for a change but I can see this lasting for all of about 2 minutes. Yep - they're back. I have the T@B set up outside, with the annex and a big woven camping mat and all this comfy outdoor furniture - all the duplo is out there for Anakin to play with but the marchflies have just become CHRONIC all of a sudden and it's a ridiculous exercise in torture being out there for any length of time. Anakin has the bad habit of scratching too much and making his bites flare up so I LOATH him getting bitten even once. Usually I'm encouraging them to go out, nowadays I'm like "Quick!! Get back inside!" But the two of them together inside is a recipe for instant rowdiness. They chase each other up and down the hall screaming, wrestle on every bed and mattress in the house. ATM Anakin is imitating a peacock with a peacock feather on his head - have you ever heard a peacock call? They're f#>kn ear piercing. But that's my fault - I taught him that one.

I've been struggling to manage my Symphysis Pubis Disorder - if that's what it even is (Whoops -better uncross my legs..) I had a morning tea on Monday, a heap of ladies came over for cuppas and pastries etc except being school holidays the kids here outnumbered us about 3 to 1.

(Izzy's having a tantrum because Anakin keeps licking him - I'm getting up him for overreacting and he's trying to tell me that I'm the one who overreacts about everything.. now Anakin's stepped on his iPod - Izzy stormed off to get away from everybody and Anakin is blasting the recorder right at my side..)

Plus another school mum came with her "Learning Ladder Books" display. So I found myself flat-out all morning and up and down the whole time everyone was here. (A snapshot would have found at any one time something along these lines - toddlers tipping fish food all over Anakins room, siblings in the lounge room fighting over lego blocks, a kid ringing the dinner bell in everyones earholes, Anakin brawling with babies to try and get them to keep the door shut... you get the picture.) I hope it was relaxing for everyone else coz I didn't even get a chance for a cup of tea! (Actually considering the amount of racing around I did to keep the teapots hot and sorting out everyone elses kids, I'm pretty sure it was!) Monday night my lower back and pelvis and the tops of my legs were that sore I cried myself to sleep. It was horrible! Yesterday I tried to take it easier. Today I'm pottering around getting some housework done but not about to overdo it again that's for sure - I suffer.

The baby belly is doing okay. I'm 30 weeks today and measuring 97cm's round. He gets the hiccups everyday and it makes him run amok. Sometimes he goes bizerk for ages (usually while I'm relaxing in front of the footy) and I worry that he's having a fit in there. He hangs out on the right side, leaving the left quite empty, it's pretty uncomfortable and I try to push him over and get him a bit more centred, doesn't work. I sleep with about 4 pillows propping me up every-which-where, the hardest thing is clamouring over everyone to get out for a wee. I usually end up in Anakins queen bed for a few hours sleep on my own. His is the comfiest bed in the house anyway. I can just see me and Greg are going to end up in separate beds with one little boy each. When I'm having my early morning stretch I always need to remember to pull my feet up and NOT down - otherwise I end up with horrific calf cramps that leave behind bruises and really snap me wide awake, that's been a painful lesson to learn

(The boys are drawing quietly behind me - an absolute miracle!)

I've been sorting through 4 years worth of digital photos, making up folders for printing so have been looking at all Anakin's baby photo's again. Man, he was just the cutest little mugwai. I can't wait to have another one of these:

Izz had an awesome time on his ski-trip and came back safely in one piece. Thank the Lord. He loved snowboarding and his Dad reckoned he was a real natural at it too. He is getting so tall and has the thickest bones! He's never going to break an arm or leg that boy, he's got concrete bones! Even though I packed him all the necessary toiletries, in appealing little mini travel sizes he came back with the GREASIEST hair! I sent him into the shower and he washed it three times to even be able to get a lather! So much for what I thought was an increased interest in personal hygiene!

The holidays have been good. We had a family BBQ out at Dad's last week coz I had my uncle and cousin up from Brissie. We love going out to there, tramping through the bush and getting all down to our roots. My brother has a place out there too (kindly donated by Mum) and has just started renting it out to a guy about my age who has a son who's six months older than Anakin. He came up to introduce himself and the two little boys hit it off really nicely. It was so cool. Anakin still thinks of Reuben as his best friend and Reuben moved away like seven months ago :( He needs a good little buddy. Speaking of "Buddy" that's the last boy's name Mum came up with for me. No thanks. He's got a name! Unless he actually turns out to be a girl..!

Had another beautiful day at the "mushroom pools" too. Anakin was frantically working his way from one of the four pools to another. NON-STOP! Luckily I had a couple of extra sets of eyes and hands to relieve me so I could actually stop and drink my flasked tea. (Me and green tea are back on with a vengeance!) And luckily one of the four pools was heated otherwise he would have been hypothermic - not an inch of baby fat covering that little boy's body. Takes after his dad!

Greg's been working overtime while he can - the cane crushing season is set to be a real short one this year and we've had two lots of rates, power bill, rego - heaps of stuff to pay for lately, so he's been working hard and is only home on Sundays :( I can't wait for it to end - I'd rather be broke with him at home!

I went for a cuppa at a friends house yesterday and during one of our conversations she called me a CONFORMIST!! I had to ring her back later to straighten it out. Surely she was looking for "conventional" or "conservative", both of which I know myself to be in particular areas but CONFORMIST!!?? C'MON!


Tiff said...

Hey Dean... comment as promised (hee hee)

Conformist LOL... well maybe in some ways - nice respectable law abiding teacher, mother of three, own your own home and land even, two cars, boat, caravan, go to playgroup, play tennis yadda yadda yadda...

HOWEVER a conformist does so "unquestioningly" and you are an independent thinker, so you cant REALLY be a conformist now hey.

I gotta say... reading your post (all the chaotic kids running amok) made me sooooo grateful that my kids are nearly all grown up! I was worn out just reading about running around after toddlers!! No thanks! I will give your babies cuddles and then hand them back!

PS - I thought another nice name is Marcello (just in case you had any doubts about "A") lol ;D

charli_jr said...

You're gonna have so much fun with three boys!!! Love the belly pic :)