Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should be sleeping..

What I shit day this ones turned out to be. I woke up totally depleted and fragile after having a migraine all night and after one too many battles over Izzy's school work I packed up every last book into the car and drove him to his Dad's a whole week early. We're constantly at each others throats. He drives me up the freakn wall! He pushes all my buttons and makes me miserable and then wants to know "Why are you such a stress case? Why are you angry all the time?" It's like beating someone up and then asking them why the have a black eye and blood on their face! He accuses me of caring about him too much.. " No more puppy-cradle-death-syndrome for you" I told him as I dropped him off.

He hates school so much but hopefully he lands on his feet one day, he's got enough personality and confidence but I mean who wants to do school work when you're perfectly happy watching re-runs of Flight of the Concords all day?

Anakin is my saviour though, for as many times as Izzy tells me "you annoy me, I don't even like you.." I have Anakin telling me what a beautiful Mum he thinks I am and how much he loves me. Thank the Lord for him, if I only had Izzy to listen to I'd think I was a complete failure as a parent!

My sister had her second miscarriage at 9 weeks pregnant on the weekend and the poor girls relationship with Chris always sounds like it's on the rocks. My two little boys bring her lots of happiness though. They are darlings. Her oldest child gives her all the heartbreak too. She turned 16 in January and then by February had run away from home to Townsville with her 20 year old boyfriend. She texts her Mum photo's of all her new piercings! At least she enrolled herself in school. That'd be the last thing on earth Izzy would do!

André is thriving. I never thought Greg and I would have a blue eyed baby, but they never ended up changing colour much. He's got these beautiful eyes - the colour of denim. A thick band of dark denim around the rims and stone wash around his pupils. He's got long eyelashes like Anakin but they're ginger just like his Dad. His nose is just like Jacob Blacks and has been ever since he was born. His chin is like a little doughnut. He's got the loveliest personality, I think he's going to grow up to be a gentle and patient boy. He talks to us all and gives everyone big beaming smiles. He loves to roll and if the surface is right he can roll from one side of a room to another if you let him! He loves his rattle and loves chewing on his fist and sucking his thumb. I have to bath him so much to keep the smell of spewk and spit off his little sticky hands. He gnaws away at my knuckles all the time, he gets stuck in really furiously and dribbles all over the place - little fella will have teeth popping up all over the place before too long. He hates going in his car seat and basically being in any reclined position (rockers, trolley seats..) - he does a continuous stomach crunch to try and sit upright just like Anakin used to! His been a real little wiggly worm lately. My arms are constantly fatigued trying to keep him under control!

Anakin's a 'busy boy'. We bought him a wooden desk and chair at the markets last weekend and I set it up in our room so while I'm putting André down to sleep he can colour quietly close by us. He sits there colouring three pictures at once. He's moved on from dragons to pictures of Naruto Uzamarki and Charizard. (Those Japanese cartoons have given him a whole new vocabulary to muck around with. He's always rolling words off his tongue, he repeats something over and over and then asks "What means that?") He's renamed himself "Dragon Jujitzu Wasingahn". Nice name. While he colours he sings to himself quietly. I often overhear "S'cuse me.. while I kiss the sky.." ... "Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games... it'll bring you to your nana nana knees nacaknees!" He's learnt to operate the CD player and knows which discs he likes. He finds the one with the eagle on it when he wants to listen to "Jimi Hendric" and then he puts on a big dancing performance on the bed for the entertainment of Andre and I. When he's finished he says "Your turn Mum". His memory is incredible. He can here something a couple of times and remember the tune days later. He watched Pokemon on one occasion and could recall so many of the critters' names - totally made up words that you can't even relate to anything! He doesn't need any help putting on the playstation anymore either and navigates his way through all the menu's and folders like and old pro. It makes me laugh to watch his tiny hands operate the toggles and buttons so deftly.

Me. Physically - My hair has just started to fall out now, was hoping to avoid that this time round. I've still got a big fat guts. It doesn't really worry me too much coz I'm just so glad to be pain free again and I'd rather have a bit of extra padding than to be sickly, which I'm definitely not! (Cept for the occasional migraine from hell.) Zumba has been excellent fun, I just go on my own, don't even talk to anyone there - just straight in and straight out - always in a hurry to get back home asap! But it's so great to do a bit of dancing again. I love it!

Sexually - my libido has vanished into thin air. While I was pregnant and super smokin hot to trot I told Greg to store all the good times in his memory bank, that it'd be fairly likely he'd need to draw on them in the barren times that lay ahead. I wasn't joking. Nah, but I'm fairly generous. Just as long as he doesn't expect me to go all crazy about it and doesn't mind me talking, laughing, yawning or rubbing my eyes.. like it's not even happening.... He doesn't.

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Tiff said...

Crap! Poor Nick! Hope shes okay... M/C's are emotionally and physically punishing : (