Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 - a write off.

So I don't think I know how to blog anymore but I'm going to give it a crack. I wish I never stopped. Then there'd be posts (relieving rants) about Andre's personality disorder almost driving me to get a prescription filled (the last time I wrote about him here I was describing him as a content baby that slept alot - what was that about! That must of lasted half a week!) And I'd have written about how amazing it was to be in the eye of a monsterous cyclone - that was wild. Not as scary as being the mother of a 15 year old "run-to" though. Maybe I'll just start with a post about each of my boiz n then I'll just take it from there as though I never left.

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Jenn said...

*falls over in shock*

Welcome back ;)