Sunday, December 11, 2011


Greg took the first trailer load of stuff to Cairns with him this afternoon. So we don't have a dining table anymore. We've done 2 dump runs today, mainly stuff he's accumulated in his shed plus a few pieces of beaten down furniture. It's going to feel so good at the end of this whole thinning-out process. There's something to be said for shedding excess baggage that's for sure. Greg's parents are leaving in about 10 days so the whole move should be finished soon after.

I'm not phsyced about moving but Greg loves his job at TAFE and has experienced more challenges and job satisfaction in 6 months than he ever would've had at the mill! So that's worth it.

When we settle in we'll get some chooks and start planting sweet potatoes and pumpkin. All Anakin wants is to live on a farm, preferably up on the tablelands near the dam. He wants to milk cows and goats and tend trees. So we'll try and make Cairns as much as an agricultural expreience as we can so the poor boy doesn't get homesick for the country! Last Sunday he spent the entire day out on Rowan's lychee farm with Mum. He picked and packed us half a crate! He packed them into his backpack as well but when he put it on it was so heavy it dragged him backwards, right off the carton he was perched on!

I took Anakin to Amanda's on Friday night after work - I had to help her figure out the instructions on her incubator and change the temperature setting. She'd bought a beautiful little boy kitten that afternoon! She can't help herself with animals and is already looking after so many! She has tiny mouse that she gets up through the night to feed, she's got call ducks and ducklings; muscovy ducklings, chooks, goats, cows, a rabbit, rats, another cat and I'm probably leaving some out! They also love to camp so it becomes a bit of a pain organising to have them looked after. She was worried how Zac would react to more animals and jokingly named him "Crab-bait", saying that's what Zac would want to do with him when he gets home from the mines! We fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him and knowing that Anakin has been asking for a pet cat she offered him Crab-bait! So we came home with a kitten!! Anakin has been on cloud nine over it ever since! Me too - he is the sweetest little puddy I've ever seen! So affectionate and playful (and sleepy). In the last two days his name has been Treasure, Diamond, Pounce, Tootsie, Gabooshka, BubbaGanushka and Shaboosh! And he's still not sure which one he's going to go with yet! Andre just calls him "kitty-cat".

We just got home from Carols by Candlelight. Amanda's church runs it each year and there was free cake and cuppa's and a sausage sizzle, Christmas craft and facepainting, popcorn and fairyfloss. As soon as we arrived Andre's main purpose was to act as independently from the rest of his family as he possibly could so I spent the whole time trailing after him. The only time he actually stayed still for a few minutes was when Mum was doing a line dancing demo with the other bootscooting grannies. He was pretty impressed. When she'd finished he went and found her, instucted her to put her hat back on and then took her by the hand, dragged her back out the front and said "Dance!" The kids and I went in search of Christmas lights on the way home. Getting them to sleep in the car was pretty high on my agenda though. Bedtimes without Greg home is pretty hectic and usually full of strife but tonight I managed to carry them both from their carseats to their beds without any rousing. Success!

Made a yummy damper today for the fire we burnt overnight. Big bonfires are something we're all going to miss. Not that it's the weather for standing around tending fires! I'm already a puddle of sweat before 8:30 in the morning!

Had a few games of tennis yesterday with Mum and the PE teacher from school and her son. I was on a winning streak! Except the night before Greg pulled out the massage table and gave me an awesome deep tissue massage (Greg doesn't give any other kind) and every bit of me that wobbles when I run (a lot of bits) hurt like I was bruised all over >.< Worth it though.

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