Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thanks for the Zeitgeist in the mail

Hey Sexypants, thought I might give the old blog a kick-start with a long-overdue reply to you - my one and only Sth Australian home-owner (and oldest friend).  Just downed a delicious homemade cappuccino with coffee Chris brought back from PNG and a milk whizzy Amanda bought me last time we visited the Tully Kitchen Shop together.  It was YUM!  I dunno how Rene can leave his DeLonghi in the box!  I was hinting for a coffee machine for my birthday too, lucky I love my firepit more!  And the milk whizzy only cost a few bucks not $200!  (OMG I'm still being interrupted to wipe bums! - Andre's!  He was sitting on the loo telling me about his latest Skylander's "epic" moves and upgrades, and then I went to put his clothes back on he reckons undies are "locked", socks are "locked" sorry, but pants and shirt are "unlocked". (Meaning he wasn't about to put his knickers or socks back on but shirt and pants were good to go.)  Me and Katrina just activated the 2 week free passes to Genesis Fitness Club we got in our freeby bag when we did Chicks at the Flicks.  We put the 3 boys into the creche there and did a Body Jam class.  It was fun.  I suppose I shouldn't be rehydrating with coffee now should I?

Homeschooling is so much fun.  We're all organised with labelled magazine files, trays of stationary, a pinboard and black board.  I've gone a little crazy at Typo and bought a stapler and stickytape dispenser plus a box of lowercase alphabet stamps so Anakin can stamp out his spelling words for something a little different.  Pity he thinks it's boring though and is already plotting to get on his blue uniform and go back to school were is friends are at and there's not so much work to be done!! :(  It's awesome for Andre having him home though.  Who else would he play Blaster-Babies in the mid-afternoon bath with?  And I'm not about to clamber around being his pet raptor whose back he rides on while he's wielding his sword!

Another interruption as we take an hour out of our day to drive to Yorkey's to pick Izzy up from Ulani's.  Pity she doesn't still live a 5 minute treadly ride away!  Oh well, they live right on top of the knob and it kind of reminds him us of Bingil and at least when he ventures out of her bedroom he goes to fish off the rocks and stuff. ... well he did once...

Greg implored me to be a wife and put the slow cooker on with lamb stew with pearl barely n veges for his lunches yesterday.  I supposed I'd better seeing as he does go to work every day without complaint to keep us all afloa.  I must admit the bitch in me did refuse at first.  I'm sampling a bit he didn't freeze up.  It's good.  Better than my last batch.

I shouldn't look at the Rebel Sport's catalogue; it makes me want stuff.  For eg.  the peach and grey Nikes for two hundred dollars.  Ouch!  Now that's not a bargain.  But speaking of bargains.  I bought a pair of "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" with leg slimming and butt lifting technology at the Red Cross yesterday for $5.  They're being sold online for over $150!

Did I tell you how obsessed Izzy is with his fish atm?  Basically sleep-talks about the Pet Barn and all the African Cyclids he wants to buy to go in the new tank he wants to buy etc etc...  Oh "buy" and "by" there's another pair of homophones we can put on the word wall. (As well as pear, pair, their they're and there!  Ha ha)

I'll write (right...) more later.  Might go sort out some privacy setting on this here (hear) old blog.  Sad that I changed the way it looks coz it's still looks the same as old in my minds eye but I really don't know (no) how to get it back to the way it was :(.

Love ya.

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