Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New peeps.

My teeth are aching from following up every meal with chocolate for the last two days. I only visited the dentist on Tuesday. I went in with a white t-shirt on and came home with it splattered in blood. (Okay, not quite "splattered"..."flecked" I should say.) I'm pleased to say my teeth are resembling more like those of a well paying client and less like those of a member of the community health center.

I've decided that the cross on top of the hot cross bun just messes with the whole consistency of the texture, making it unbearably foul and gag-worthy. It adds this cruchy/chewy irregularity to what would be a perfectly good raisin bun.

We had a really nice Easter break. Friday we had brunch slash lunch at Nana and Grandads. (Actually got to see Dad, like TWICE in one month.) Nick made heaps of beautiful food and I took Norri rolls. Got to see my Uncle Mark and cousins from Brisbane - Megan, who is the same age as Izzy and Troy who's 17, into lifting weights and basketball so thought Greg was his new best friend. Anakin saw his first talking bird and thought it was hilarious, except when we went in for a closer look it squawked at us full blast and he nearly packed it in.

Saturday we had another Slip-n-Slide day here. I told Mark not to expect another sumptuous feast that maybe I'd bust open a packet of chips for him or something if he was lucky. But really I was joking, we ate date scones with fig jam and vege platters with antipasto and Jarlsberg cheese... followed up by Easter eggs of course, and chips. The kids had a good-ole-time slippin and slidin, jumping on the tramp, in the sandpit and cubby etc. Anakin was fascinated with my gf's baby who is just so fat and placid and absolutely adorable in every way.

Sunday started off very early. Izzy's Easter basket was totally overladen and when Anakin spied his at the bottom of his cot he went "Aww cute". (Will update with some pix tomorrow.) His since learnt "some more chocolate?" By about 8 we were headed off to the "Monsteries" (the big markets), where we had breaky and stocked-up on persimmons. Then we blew all our spending money on a trio of "chookens" (Latte, Frappe and Megacinno) and two gorgeous ducklings (Cadbury and Caramello). So cute!

So we've spent most of the day sitting on the grass in front of the chook shed admiring our new peeps.


Anonymous said...

Nadine-thanks for the update and the fact that you are translating for the yank crowd is absolutely hysterical!!!

Jenn said...

you need to write more missy! I need more Nadine in my life ;)

btw my link for Tiff's blog isn't working - is all OK?

Jenn said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the peeps - by the way, did you get rid of that snake?