Friday, March 28, 2008


Oh man, I'm stuffed. Bub's asleep so I just did half hour on the elliptical trainer and it nearly killed me. It's parked right in front of the mirrored built-in's in the spare room (amongst the piles of washing) so I scrutinize myself the whole time - the sweat streaming down my chest and making sweaty patterns on my top, the sweat mustache beading up and trickling onto my lips, the cadbury-thickened thighs pumping around and around, the face going deeper shades of red underneath the really bad haircut... I've been averaging 4 workouts a week for the last month and a half. Either walking with my neighbour and/or Nick on a big circuit around our hilly estate. (I wear 2 kilo's of leg weights), or I hijack said neighbour's treadmill for a 40 minute weight loss program. (BN - from now on coz she's my "Beautiful Neighbour". I swear I've told her every thought that's ever occurred to me, since I met her a year ago.) And have also done a couple workouts on the recently acquired elliptical, and BN dragged me to the local pool once (I managed 14 laps before drowning). According to the scales I now fluctuate between 53.5 and 52.5 instead of sitting around 54.5. (Although I haven't weighed myself since the Easter weekend and I'm going to the all you can eat buffet tonight!!) However slight the improvement doesn't stop Greg from groping me at every chance proclaiming tight buns and strong legs, I just think he's terrified I'm going to stop unless he showers me with praise and encouragement. Maybe that's just my paranoid female rationale but I really don't see any changes yet. But I am glad I got out of the inactive funk I was in! I use to be a fit little champ once upon a time and I haven't done anything really consistently for about two years! GASP! Until now...

For someone who reads so much I really can't spell for shit. You've probably noticed when I leave comments around the place. And you probably think "isn't she suppose to be a teacher??" I always know when I've got something wrong though and my trusty Heinmann Dictionary is usually floating around close by. It's a bit embarrassing, especially when I'm sitting in on Professional Development or a staff meeting and trying not to interrupt proceedings by blurting out "How the fck do you spell LICENCE??!!!" I swear I tried about five times and it still looked wrong! But I know now, it's got no S's in it! I asked my girlfriend on the phone last night and I'll never spell it wrong again!


Shel said...

rofl about the spelling kisses - sometimes, I look at a word so often that it starts just *looking* wrong - I get to the point of spellcheck before I really believe that I am spelling it right!!

And as for the spelling on your blog? I haven't noticed - but it's YOUR blog!! Who cares!!?? ROFL

Jordan Lapp said...

depends if it's a verb or a noun. One of them has an S, but I can't remember which. I think the verb does.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Nade! You're doing a fab job. It must feel great to be active again.

"Cadbury thickened thighs" -- sharp writing, as usual. I like how you mention sharing all of your thoughts with your BN. It's good to have friends we can pour our thoughts out to., isn't it?

Oh -I can never spell "license" either! In America, the noun and the verb has an "s" - but my online dictionary says that the British spelling is without one . . . yet ANOTHER difference between the various forms of English. Still, "carpet muncher" is unanimous. Go figure.