Friday, October 2, 2009

Silence is Golden.

A couple weekends ago when I was flicking through the real estate guide I came across a photo of the inside of a house that looked really familiar. I quickly worked it out to be the house in Edge Hill where I went to a "Heaven and Hell" themed Halloween party 9 years ago, the party where I met Greg!! The picture even showed the "leafy indoor atrium" that our very first conversation revolved around! That is wild! Here it is:

It's an urgent liquidation sale. Imagine how romantic it'd be if Greg and I ended up purchasing the very house we first laid eyes on each other. I keep day dreaming about it!

Anakin is having his third sleep over at Mum's. Greg and I actually got the bed all to ourselves ALL night. Woot woot! Of course we made the most of that situation ;) Pity another calf cramp jolted me awake at 6o'clock and I didn't get to sleep in.. the joys of pregnancy.

I must of had about 50 braxton hicks contractions when I was shopping in Cairns on Thursday. It's so bloody exhausting. I have them every time I bend over! And sometimes I wake up with sore abs when they've persisted all through the night! I'm going to love my uterus being a normal size again! How can it stretch so much anyway? What is it latex?

The boys where sitting on the couch the other day and I overheard Anakin saying to Izzy "I smell something burning." Izzy goes "Yeah, I smell something burning too." And I'm like "Well if you can both smell something burning I better go check around." Then Izzy's sniffed a bit harder and gone "Oh Poh! Anakin! That stinks!" Ha ha ha. Anakin was just testing out one of his Dad's fart jokes. Greg was really proud too.

On marriage - Greg and I have picked a date next year - our relationships 10th anniversary. (I might have already said?) But whether or not it's just a registry office jobby is yet to be seen. Everytime I log into those wedding planning websites it just spins me out and scares me off. The thing is we can't really afford a huge wedding but when we think of all the people we'd love to celebrate with us - it adds up to about 100! I'd like a big party where everyone gets to dress up as a bride or groom. That'd be fun.

Anyway I better go do something else with my alone-time. I'm going to try to avoid everything I should be doing and focus on what I want to do... just after I hang up the washing..


Tiff said...

lol... not latex... you actually produce more muscle fibres when you are preggers.. so not just stretching, actually getting bigger as well : )

charli_jr said...

Love the new profile pic!

charli_jr said...

Oh, I just realized it's the fringe!! Looks awesome

Averil said...

That house is GORGEOUS! I love quirky little places like that - and edge hill! YEAH!

Those Braxton Hicks sound full on! At least your womb will be well-trained! My uterus is apparently going to wing it on the day...