Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Emo's, Just wrong

My 10 year old son has developed a major aversion towards those that dress up as “Emo’s”. I’m pretty open-minded but he thinks the chipped black nail polish, the skinny jeans, mascara, bad hair cuts and feigned depression is a joke. There’s a bunch of them floating around here and I’ve had to enforce restraint on him not to yell taunts from our passing vehicle. What a little sh*t.

He knows what he likes that’s for sure – he likes Bogans and he hates Emo’s.

He can’t talk, he’s a total fruitloop. At the skatepark yesterday him and his cousin ran around waxing up the rails and when the irritated skaters yelled at them to stop they just shouted back random things like “COFFEE BEAN!!” “ICE-CREAM!!!” They reminded me of Brick in Anchorman “LOUD NOISES!”Plus he made an open mockery of “The Bird and The Worm” in front of some definite black eye makeup, skinny jeans wearing types!

He’ll get his skull clunked one day.

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