Monday, July 2, 2007

Tempting Fate

To tell you the truth I felt a bit sh*t after writing that entry yesterday – serves me right for talking myself up like I’m some kinda hybrid human being that never gets sick. (But in truth, I am, a coupla deep breaths and I was fine…) I’m always tempting fate like that anyway – My sister tells me there’s the worst kind of bacteria on the surface of egg cartons and all over peanuts so I give one a lick in between bites of a peanut butter sandwich (not quite).

I was traumatized by an awful dream last night! It was so horrible, with a psychopathic serial killing carver. It was so full of blood and gore and horror which ended up being illustrated in this kid’s book with Lilo and Stitch-like characters that I was worried Bubby was going to be exposed to. I think it stemmed from my worry that Izzy is going to accidentally open the Saw movies Greg has on the hard drive – I keep threatening him that I’m going to delete them. I can’t believe any normal person would want to watch them anyway!! If I did I’d be damaged goods! I hate the fact that movies like that exist without the thought that people actually enjoy them! God, how mad are ya?

Anakin is adorable the way he mimics things to learn. He blows on his food and gets out a tissue to blow his nose on. He’s been talking on the telephone lately too and holds all the remotes to his ear for a yarn.

The chickens made it through the night and are chirping away happily in the sunshine. I found them a nice warm beanie to snuggle up with – worked a treat.

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