Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Us Crazies

After preparing a revision mind-map, a survey sheet and two different versions of the same test for the grade twos and threes and watching a hot doc on some traditional tightrope walkers I finally got to bed at about 1 o'clock this morning. But I still lie awake for ages even exhausted and at such a late hour. At one stage I was having a good chuckle to myself about stuff Izzy tells me - he can be an absolute pain in the arse sometimes but man he's good for a laugh. He doesn't just state something simply, he wouldn't just recall a simple fact, for example, that some kids at school carry on stupidly about things that are in his lunchbox like dried banana and rambutans, rather, he paints this hilarious picture of him and Jay (another kid who has "alternate" lunch and lives in a shed house) sitting together with their snaggle-teeth and raggedy clothes (so not true) with the sound of banjos strumming in the background ring-ding-a-ding-ring-a-ding, while the other kids suck back their roll-ups and snack size nutellas... He has me in stitches all the time.

It's a bit of a coincidence that one of Anakin's most favourite toys is a telescopic light saber which he has a really stylish way of extending and keshing-ing around. God it was so good to see his little face after work today.

Hanging out to go to my very much missed and kind of estranged gf's house warming/birthday party Friday night. I'm dying to reconnect with her and have a bloody great time together. We're dragging my sister up to Cairns so she can babysit for us and Greg and I are actually going to go party it up together! Yo-hoo! Unnaccomponied by children. Yah-hoo! (Just like the good ole days when we use to own "1936" every Thursday night.) I'm planning on getting drunk and disorderly (well, maybe), appreciating my very hot date (he's totally amped up the weight-lifting intensity lately), and thoroughly enjoying every minute of adult only time... wait for it... with other adults. Wild hey? It's an op-shop dress up party. (A girl after my own heart.) So if you see a bunch of crazies dressed up in really bad 80's bridesmaid dresses hanging out on the street, that'll be us.


Anonymous said...

can you feel the envy coming at you over the jillions and jillions of miles?!?!

Jenn said...

We need a picture of Anakin with his light saber and you with the 80's bridesmaid dress.

Shel said...

Hope you have a ball!! I want a photo in the bridesmaid dress too.

My sister wants an op shop / 80's wedding....that shall be an interesting day.

Anonymous said...

Kisses - Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face. I just love all the details and images you bring to your posts. . . I think perhaps your life would make the kind of movie I love.

Do you think Izzy would let you show one of his paintings here at the blog? I would love to see.

Kisses said...

Actually I didn't mean he painted pictures literally, only that he gets right into describing the whole scenario with lots of creativity and in a kind of oddball way - very expressive but not in a visual arts way ;)

Sorry I probably confuse you guys a lot. I'm also worried that Winey thinks Australians call coffee drinks "chookens" when "chookens" is just the way Anakin says "chickens" and we gave our real live chickens the names Megacino, Latte etc. (If I wasn't confusing you much before I bet I am now!!)