Friday, August 22, 2008


Just worked three days in a row for the first time in a couple of years. Had Thursday and Friday with a couple of different year 3 classes and they were such a pleasant breeze compared with the mob I take regularly. I swear I have the rattiest kids in the district along with the dingiest, cramped classroom and there's just no way to cheer it up. Just having a bright, spacious classroom makes the world of difference, and then getting paid double time to teach these angel children was almost a crime. Hopefully I'll be getting a contract there next year. (If I can keep Greg from planting his demon seeds.. jokes). It was the kids regular teacher's birthday today (she took the day off to have an 18 week pregnancy scan which I reckon is a pretty cool way to spend your birthday) so we made a bright and oversized card for her filled with lots of colourful birthday wishes from them all. They were pretty impressed with the way it turned out. She's gonna love it.

Whenever I tell Bubby he'll have to spend the day with Auntie Nick - that I have to go to work he goes "Nuh. Auntie Nick work. Mummy stay home with me". But he has fun-filled days with his Auntie and I don't think he really minds too much.

I took him to down to the daycare to check it out the other day. He thought it was pretty all right. I might have to book him in for a day a week next year in case Nick bails out on me. I'd be more reluctant but the daycare is practically attached to the school! We'd be a minute away from each other!

Izzy got his Senior T-Shirt today with all the year 7's names on the back. The admin' lady was telling me she allowed him to put his name down as "Izzy" - his nickname but that she wouldn't let him drop my name off his hyphenated surname like he wanted to. Hmphff! Little bugger!! Favouring the absent father yet again! Speaking of Paul, I let him know how I felt about Izzy moving away from here so he's agreed to settle down close by so we can all see each other everyday. Woot! Woot! Mum was saying "it's got to be about what Paul wants too" and I'm like "Bullshit! He's done exactly what he's wanted for the past how long??!! Now it needs to be about what's good for Izzy before he grows up and doesn't particularly need his dad around anyway!"

We were suppose to go camping for Greg's birthday this weekend but the weathers turned bad. So I suppose it'll be a weekend of housework and mowing and the PS3 has arrived in the mail so probably some gaming marathons too. (Not me!)

We bought Greg lots of clothes (thanks for the perseverance Tiff!) and a huge woven camping mat. Today I found him a magazine called "Sanctuary" - all about environmental homes and sustainable living. Great reading - I wanna back order the previous issues too... mmmm might go finish it off... did I say it was Greg's mag?

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Tiff said...

And you know there were all these sport brands tees at Amart when I went in there to buy Raven some weights a few days ago... they were only $15 or $20 each!