Monday, September 1, 2008

"We're like.."

I'm seriously lacking sleep. Bedtime Saturday was like 3am Sunday morning (think of me in the company of lots of very cool chicks, and one hen, at the nicest place cut into a mountainside with a beautiful view, indulging in an afternoon of pampering, sharing a delicious meal, switching on the fairy lights and lighting a mass of candles and a bonfire come night time, cranking up the amp, snapping the glow sticks and hopefully not making a big flattened mess of John's lawn by using it as a dance floor to carve up. Sharing precious stories about one another and exchanging words of wisdom. Wouldn't I like to do that on a more regular basis! How cool!)

Sunday morning I got to sleep in a tiny bit and then greeted the day with a big pint sized jug of water with some aspirins fizzing in it. Took myself and the boys down the markets for a supersized pancake with fruit salad and icecream, then we went for a drive out to Dad's. Mucked around there for a bit. Took the kids for a walk to feed my Uncle's horses then went for a look down the creek. As is usual these days Anakin was doing his impersonation of a platypus only this time he didn't have to imagine his natural surroundings he was actually in them. He went straight in for a swim. Crazy kid, it was bloody freezing. Greg and Izzy schemed ways we could move out there for a while. I'll be right - it's at the end of a long and corrugated dirt road.

On the way home we stopped in at some people's place who have a horse for sale. It's 18 years old though and I reckon about to die, no wonder they want to sell it. I had a bit of a ride around on it bareback and was still feeling like jelly from the adrenalin most of the way home, I realised I'm shit scared of riding horses and in no position to be in charge of one. It went okay, it's just that every other time I've ever been on a horse they've bucked, bolted or tried to scrape me off onto something. Then I had my delicate foot bones broken when I was stood on once and one of my old friends needed reconstructive surgery when she was kicked in the face. Not the best track record. I think I'll just stick to riding my bike.

Other remarkable points of the weekend include me weighing myself to find that I'm 6!! kilo's too heavy, need to cut back on the tuna chili pasta I make with a bucket load of cream, the yummy black forest cake I've just learnt how to make, the curry I make with a bucket load of coconut cream, (actually the main ingredient of most things I make is cream!), the best sticky rice in the world, sour cream and onion thinly cut chips... but it's all too good and I don't really think I can cut back on any of it... Man, there was this chick at the party though, she had the most gorgeous figure, made me feel inspired to get stuck in and do something about this body of mine, I remind myself of a little overweight pygmy.

Nicholas came over for a marathon of Soul Caliber with Izzy and disturbed us by choosing all the female characters to fight with so he could knock off their layers of armour and perv on their scantily clad (very ample) breasts (And I let Izzy spend all his pocket money on this game (!). I'm like "Nicholas they're ANIMATIONS, they're NOT REAL!" He's like "So. Neither are Pamela Anderson's." ?! (Do I sound like Kylie Mole? "And I'm like... and he's like".)

Oh yeah and Nick found out she was preggas so Anakin is going to get that double cousin I anticipated.

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Averil said...

Double cousins are the BEST! :) Trust me, the inbreeding works a charm! Heh heh!

You better hurry up and have little Oprah Sunday now, add another freaky Double cousin to the brood!

xx Averil