Thursday, November 19, 2009

At first a little TMI

Well either I've been loosing my cervical plug the last few days or it's just coz I can't stop givin' it up to my man lately. 37 weeks pregnant, crippled, but still such a hornbag. I've never noticed a show in either of my other two pregnancies so I'm not too sure what to think. Either way I'm still not going to go too far from home without my maternity bags thrown into the back of the car just in case. Well that's once I've finished packing them of course. I've got all Baby's things ready to go - a big pocket full of tiny little nappies, the cutest little mix n match ensembles, wraps, microfibre washers... For me all I've packed so far is a big bunch of maternity pads >.< some paw-paw ointment and little spritzer with a mild mix of lavender oil and water for my girlie bits.

A few days into December my in-laws are planning on calling through to collect me and Anakin (abducting us) on their way home to Cairns from the opal mines, where we'll stay (maybe) until the big birthday!! If this one is anything like Anakin's late arrival, I'll go stir crazy and make a getaway home midway through my incarceration! Anyway, I anticipate a bit of down-time to shop around for some of the things I might need that I can't seem to pinpoint at the moment.

I finally got into action and ordered Anakin a booster seat, (a long deliberation). His Safe n Sound "Explorer" should be here any day now. It's a convertible booster seat that can be used with a harness belt from 8 to 26 kilo's A thread on Essential Baby (man, I hadn't logged onto that website for so long!) turned me onto a great site where it happened to be on sale so I ended up paying $300 + $25 for freight. And even though the little baby might be getting around in Anakin's dodgy old stroller (mmmm.... for now), at least they'll both be super-safe in the car.

Well Coconuts ended up being an excellent little holiday for us, but we ended up booking into a little cabin rather than taking the Tab. I made some enquires and it was only going to cost me around $50 extra for a cabin, which I would have spent on diesel anyway towing the caravan there and back! They quoted me this bargain (maybe even wrong?) price over the phone, which they had to honour and then when Greg came to join us, they told him at the reception it would be "no extra charge" so I was well happy with that arrangement. Nick and Chris were staying for the weekend in one of the Villas so all the cousins got to hang out. Izzy had his scooter to cruise about on and with all the brawling the boys did on the jumping balloons, I only got to see him when he came back to the cabin for a feed, and just before flopping into bed with exhaustion each night. I took so much fruit along - mangoes, watermelon, pineapples, lychees and banana's we were practically fruitarians the whole weekend. Save the big feed Rene and Tiff came to share with us and the big Macca's breakfast I can't seem to go without at least once whenever I'm up! Oh and the Domino's pizza on the way out of town... We swam and played mini golf and did cross-words, I even had a bit of a bounce on the jumping pillows myself!

More and more people are reacting with disbelief when I tell them I've still got three weeks to go. I must look like such a big belly! Their faces changing from shock to horror to pity. The little preppies at school keep looking at me with suspicious sideways glances, like that baby might just fall out at any given moment. I even give myself a shock when I catch a glimpse of my reflection side-on! It doesn't seem that dramatic from the top!!

It was my last day at work today - the kids are so keen on me bringing in the baby for a visit but they might be on school holidays by then. They like to pester me on the sex and if I've thought of a name yet. One of the boys gets really emotional about it, he gets big tears in his eyes and carries on "Oh! Miss! I just KNOW he's going to be SO CUTE!" (Same boy who doesn't want to discuss dressing up like jungle animals and cavemen for their end-of-year concert item - because he only wants to be a "princess wearing high-heels in a tower"! A beautiful Drama Queen he is.)

I wanna write more but it's getting way late. Maybe be back tomorrow.


Blythe said...

Have been wobdering how you're going... belly photos?!

Danni said...

Yes a belly shot would be lovely!

Tiff said...

Hey Dean... I've got rose otto oil, neroli and jasmine ready to make up a beautiful birth massage oil...