Monday, November 23, 2009

What say?

Anakin was lying on the bedroom floor practising his handwriting yesterday arve and I was lounging on the bed doing a crossword when I said to him hopefully "Your little brother might decide to come out one day soon". The next clue I had was 18 down: Late. Answer: Overdue. And then directly after that 23 across: Greatly. Answer: Very. Grrhh!! I can't stand the thought!

On the contrary I had regular crampy period-pain contractions that kept me up most of the night last night. Greg took the morning off to look after Anakin so I could go to another anti-natal appointment. Saw the midwife briefly. I'm still 63 kilo's - the same as 2 weeks ago. I guess Babyboy is sucking up all that butter I ate while hosting another of my morning teas for the girls yesterday. And all the dairy whip and maple syrup I eat on my pancakes on a regular bases. She didn't mention my blood pressure so I guess it was good. Then they sent me on to the doctor, news I met with a slight rolling of the eyes and a "I'm sure that's going to be really productive". Way to get everyone off side! He saw me for a total of about 2 minutes. I asked about my blood test results which he said were "all good". (Same very insightful report he gave me for my ultrasound scan.) I hopped up on to the examination table and instantly had a big BH tightening, giving my belly a angular warp, then he took a measurement of Bubby's head and told me it corresponded with a baby of 39 weeks and that he wouldn't be surprised if he came anyday now. That news would make me really hopeful, if I could actually trust the guy knew what he was talking about.

After my appointment I went and shouted myself some new bras, a maternity singlet and a new pair of jarmie pants - all heavily reduced I might add. Don't know why I'm such a die hard op-shopper at times?? It's so hard for me to track down a decent bra (in my opinion that means no underwire and no synthetic fabric, so... pretty limiting). But a couple days ago on the way up to Mum's to pick up some fruit, I'd warned Greg that I'd need to spent some money on new bras next time I was out, soon as I arrived Mum was like "I wanted to show you these." and pulled out these perfect cotton sports bra's! So she'd already done the sourcing and I new exactly where to go for them. We've been in tune like that lately.

Anakin won't let me out of his sight these days. He watched a tiny bit of The Grinch a week or so ago and it's totally messed with his mind. He won't go outside on his own, or even play in a different room of the house. We've tried so hard to undo the damage. We showed him pictures of Jim Carrey on the internet so he could see the dude that plays the character. Looked at other Dr Zeuss stories and explained him as the author of the book, the movie originated from. Explained to him that even if it was real, The Grinch is a Hoo and Hooville is a tiny speck on a clover on Mt Newl. Etc, etc. But now he's become paranoid about a whole plethora of other stuff. We take him to the toilet at night and he makes me check first that there's no giant guinea pigs popping their heads up at the window, then he worries he's going to fall in the loo with his poo! I tried to teach him to say "An irrational phobia" but it was a bit too much for him to wrap his tongue around.


Averil said...

Kisses, I reckon you're little man will be out before Thumble!!!

I honestly do!! :-)

Either way, I'm so stoked we're having "twins" and that I'll get to watch your beautiful bubby grow up alongside mine...

Awwww, sniff, sniff!!

Wishing you all the best for the most peaceful, amazing, empowering birth.

Love Ave xxx

Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Where are you? Give us the details? You're quite obviously busy with more important things (read newborn) but I'd love to see a pic *sigh cluck cluck*

Kirsten said...


can't wait to hear all the details and see some pics!

Blythe said...

Ooh congratulations, Nadine!

Melissa said...

Just waiting for an update now!!