Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hip Hip

Hurray! We signed a contract yesterday! So I was doing a bit of “Yahooing” and “Yeeharring” as you can imagine. I took Izzy for a drive to the block on the way home as he still hadn’t seen it. It’s turned into a bit of a habit for me and Greg to stop at the bakery on the way so we can scoff out on pies and appleturners when we get there. So that’s what we did. I think he was pretty impressed except he reckons Gollem lives in the vacant lot next door.

Well Bubby’s fever continued for a couple of days so I ended up taking him to see a Doctor on Monday, I was concerned he had an earache and wanted to rule it out. The Doc gave us a prescription for Oxycillin and reckoned his ears where a bit red and told me to fill it if I thought it was necessary. Which I didn’t because by the time we got there his fever had broken and he was on the mend. That Doctor though…he’s a bloody charlatan. Both times I’ve taken my kids to see him it was for all of about 5 seconds and he pescribed the same thing for both completely separate conditions. I reckon if you could get that stuff over the counter he’d be out of business. The speed at which he used his gadgets to checked inside Bubby’s ears, mouth and chest was completely ridiculous. He wasn’t even at the right angle to see inside Anakin’s mouth! He didn’t even listen to a full breathing cycle – they were just these token gestures to make me think he’d actually been trained. I don’t like to bag out on people (too much) but he’s not fooling anyone. He needs to work on his professionalism big time. He’s the only one around here who bulk bills and the practice was still deserted – no wonder! He didn’t ask me one question or give me one piece of advice! I got way more useful information out of my RN friend and her intern hubby. If I had more faith in him I could have got him to check in my ears – maybe it’s tinnitus I’m suffering from and that’s the buzzing noise I’ve been hearing!

Anyway, enough of that…Izzy learnt how to weave banana bark at school yesterday and came home wearing all the anklets and necklaces and bracelets he’d made – he looked like a contestant off Suvivor.

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