Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Baby's 2!

I was called in to work Friday so party preparations where taking place deep into the night. Check out the front cover of this month's Better Homes and Gardens mag' to see Bubby's birthday cake - and here's me with only one round cake tin having to cook each of the three layers one after the other!

Anakin was so keen for his birthday to come around. Every night for ages we've been talking about it and he listened entranced as we listed who'd be here and the food we were planning... As soon as there was a pause he'd be saying "What else Mum? What else?" "There'll be balloons and party decorations" "What else?" "You'll have a cake and we'll sing happy birthday and you'll get to blow out your candles.." "What else?"..

So when the day finally arrived he was in such a happy delirium. I barely saw him once the party started, he made the perfect host mingling from crowd to crowd. It was a beautiful day. Heaps of lovely people, heaps of delectible food (my fruit skewers where an art form),
kids running around everywhere, the weather stayed good and Anakin had such a memorable day. Sunday he was sitting up on the bank of the garden and I could see him looking around and remembering all the fun and busyness of the previous day, he started clapping and saying "Hurray for the party! Yay!" Could you want anymore thanks than that? So I'm pretty sure he had a good time, and all of his 50 odd guests too.

Sunday made for a perfect day as well with a trip to the markets. We didn't really need anything but headed down for a leisurely breakfast of thai curry, taro chips and the best sticky rice I have ever eaten. Bubby had a bounce on the jumping castle a run around on the beach and a play in the park. I bought a cool beret and a felt one for Izzy like the guy's from Myth Busters. He's into hats - like me. I realised we were missing Anakin's favourite present when we were packing up the car to take off home and had to backtrack my way asking all the marketeers if they had noticed a toy oxy-torch anywhere. I was about to give up when I heard "Yoo-hoo. Is this what you're looking for?"

Our family relations are back on track again and I'm feeling much better after several successive days of us all getting on fine. It just takes some focus sometimes with a bunch of personalities like ours living together.

Man I've been trying to finish this post for like three or four days now. I'm just going to end it here and mas later.


R.J. Keller said...

Whoo-hoo! Party success.

Hey, I gave you an award. The info is on my blog if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day!