Wednesday, July 9, 2008


That was MY name! I'm really dirty on her for using it too. My sister is talking baby names already and I reaffirmed yet again that "Sunday" would be my little girl's name (hypothetically) about 4 hours before I heard the news break. God! How would ya be?

It's my birthday today! Greg bought me a new Victa Pushmower! I was stoked (I was dropping hints a while back, it's a funny thing to want for your birthday I suppose). But it was cool coz I was wandering around the yard with Bub looking at the skinny little abiu tree struggling to compete with the grass, thinking to myself, if I only had a mower with a catcher I could mulch all around it with clippings and it'd grow heaps better. I followed Anakin up to the shed directly and caught sight of my birthday present BAM! the exact same thing I'd been thinking of! (Greg leaves too early for work and I didn't get to bed 'til 3.30am after picking Izzy's Dad up from the airport and driving home so we were all fast asleep when he left for work... Well mostly.. I do remember him whispering affectionate things to me and giving me a nice back rub at some stage there.)

Mum bought me a very cool rug for the lounge room with a huge peacock feather motif on it. And I also got to spend up big at the op-shop yesterday with lots of birthday money from the rest of the family. I scored big time - pants mainly - a pair of Bubblegum, Just Jeans, Portmans and Crossroads, ALL with their tags still on! Some cool tops too. My 15 year old cousin is visiting from Brissie - I'm going to have to go through my clothes a little bit more severely than last time and see if I have some choice items for her.

Anyway I'm missing out on that spunk from Ong Bak, I'm off to join the couch dwellers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy Belated!

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely one. I knew your birthday was coming up but I thought that it was next week, so sorry I am such a shit friend.... I don't need a birthday to think of you as I think of you often anyway. Did get you a present though. Something I have been eyeing off since just after christmas that I thought you would like..... What could it be??? I promise I will get down there oneday and we can catch up properly. I miss our cuppa's. Hayley xxxxxx