Monday, March 23, 2009

So what I was saying

was I can suddenly see the bigger picture - long term benefits of giving Anakin another sibling to share his childhood (one who's not almost a whole generation older than him!) In the long-run I think two little buddies together is going to be a lot less demanding than one. I've been there with Izzy and although I went out of my way to make sure he had the opportunity to have friends and cousins over at our place a lot and personally invested lots of time into doing stuff with him, he was still pretty lonely I think. I wasn't in the position to give him a sibling at the time but in retrospect I wish I could have. Now with Anakin, it's kind of now or never. As it is there would be a 3 and a half year gap, any longer and it defeats the purpose (well one of them).

Anakin is really non-stop. Today I'm psyching myself up to spend the whole day as "Penny" and he'll be "Bolt" of course. He tells us who we are and what we need to say and do. It's charming and creative and all but a bit wearing day in and day out for an adult. We go from pretending to painting to playing with the hose, more pretending, making cubbies, playing toys, pretending, reading, drawing, puzzles, racing tracks, chasing, crafty, ... and he doesn't want to do anything much unless Greg or I are right there in the thick of it with him. I get a break when he's watching tele, but otherwise I think he plays on his own for about 20 minutes a day! Izzy was the same! He's the best little kid but geez it's exhausting being the best playmate of a 2 and a half year old!

Anyway we thought about all this and Greg was never really sure if he wanted to stop at one, so we just went for it, on like day 15 of my cycle (and day 13 and 17 and 19 and.. ). If it doesn't happen really fast we'll probably loose our nerve altogether! Last month I had ovulation pain for 2 whole days and nights and a chronic migraine 5 days before my period, but this cycle has been kind of a non event, no tweaks or twinges of anything - I wonder if I even ovulated at all. I don't know what's going on. Anyway if it doesn't happen this month and we're brave enough to keep trying, if I fell next month the due date would be better timing in regards to my work. Plus I've got a thing with numbers and a birthday in an odd day in an odd month in an even year would be way cool like the rest of us. (Anakin has just been playing in his room for 10 minutes or more! Came out once to show me his pterodactyl egg! Legendary. Oh here he comes again...)

Greg is just that much of a beautiful Dad if he had his heart set on any number of children I don't think I could deny him for too long.. So it's on the cards that we'll have another one of these little beauties joining the family in the near future:

How could you resist?


Averil said...
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Averil said...

I'm was about to comment on your VERY EXCITING entry with gushing statements about the benefits of siblings...

But then my two are screaming at each other right

Nadine, I am so so so so excited that you might be UTD very soon!!!

Fingers crossed for this month my dear...and if it doesn't happen this month, go for gold the next!!

xx Ave

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