Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creme de la Creme and the little Blue Shark

Had a day with Izzy over the weekend, we spent it in Cairns and it was nice to have a long drive with just him for company. His comical stories about higschool were characteristically hilarious - I think he has real perception when it comes to accessing people and the way he expresses his view of situations makes you feel totally in the moment. He told me about a group of kids he hangs out with at the library - their manual is a book on Rancid Livestock Diseases and they call themselves names like "Master Sprinkles", "Creme de la Creme" (that's him) and "Master Fairybread-Pink-Unicorn". He tells me about all the brawlers and different kids who spend all their free time pouring over their copies of PC Power Play. Sometimes I wish I had a dictator on him so when he becomes a standup comedian in the future he'll have lots of old material to work with.

Anakin is still permanently role playing. Lately he's moved into an Incredible Hulk phase. When his mask is off he's the reasonable and calm Bruce Banner, then he slowly lowers it and Hulk is unleashed. He warns "Watch out Mum, I'm going to wreck your house!" and he throws things, swings punches and roars! At the moment he's riding around the house being a postman delivering cheques from Gold Lotto. And now he's a little blue shark that eats fish and ducks. Yep, he gets very specific. He gets a bit carried away in his fantasies sometimes too - so many times when he's being an "Adult" he gets outraged when we refuse to let him drive the car. And if he's "Daddy", then why the hell can't he have a beer and as many salty plums as he likes??!

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Anonymous said...

Kid's imaginations are wonderful. They are going to have plenty of material from your blog for use later in life.