Sunday, November 25, 2007

Queenslanders Annihilation of the Similie

We're about to crown another Australian Idol and I couldn't give a shit - they both look like a couple of wankers to me. (I'm exercising control in my everyday language use - Izzy hasn't gotten one piece of chocolate yet, except it seems to be all backing up and spilling out onto blog.) Not that I've watched it but that Matt has got the worst haircut in the history of mankind and Nat looks like a total bore.

I was thinking about how we Queenslanders are just so lazy we can't even put the thought into making up similies to explain ourselves. (Or maybe it's just me.) Instead of saying something like "It was as rough as guts" or "Man, I'm as hungry as a horse!" We leave off the last bit and go "That was as hard AS!" We actually emphasise the last "AS" so much that we don't even bother with the first one half the time and it just becomes, "I was crook AS", "He was creepy AS", She's bitchy AS!" It doesn't even make sense.


Jenn said...

True true... but then again it means that we've got our own secret language that no one else understands.

You need to post more too!!

Ruth said...

That is funny AS!

Belle said...

I found your comments about Matt's hair to be as soft and feminine as his face and body.

Matt's hair looked like the cat from Harry Potter. F*#@in' ugly. Hey?

"Hey" on the end of our sentences should also be included in our secret language, I say. It's as common as flies and cane toads.

I describe its inclusion at the end of our sentences as a verbalised question mark.

I've heard Canadians using something similar only they sound slow at times (eeeey?).