Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That thing that happens

I'm having that thing happen today - ya know when you start spinning-out about particular words and you repeat them to yourself and wonder about their absurdity and if they're really proper English words or could you have just made them up in your head, just now.. This is me muttering to myself this morning: "Second..second..second?...first...second...third...yep, it's definitely a word... Izzy... I-zzy...Izzy!..Did I really name him that?? Is that the most strangest sounding name I've ever heard?... Bottle! Bottle! What kind of a word is that!!" (And so on.) Now I'm starting to wonder if that dream that I was institutionalised in a mental hospital was really all that far-fetched!

I tried going to sleep on Greg's chest last night but his heart rate is that abnormally slow (I reckon about 50 bpm) that I was worried he'd died between each beat. How can you relax like that?!

I'm so disgusted at my foul mouth lately that I have made Izzy a deal - each time he catches me swearing (besides "bloody" and "shit") he's allowed to eat two pieces of chocolate. I hate him eating too much junk food so I reckon this is going to work. Greg's got no faith he reckons I should've started with just a smartie and see how I go from there.

I've taken to buying the most nutritious seed filled bread I can find. If Izzy wants to eat nutella sandwiches for lunch (and who could blame him) he's got to plough through the multi-grain! Ha ha ha!

You might remember Iz had the spewies on the night of his birthday back in September, well I finally made him another birthday cake and a big taco dinner that he could actually enjoy in celebration of his 11th year.

I've been waiting and waiting on the backhoe-man to come and do some jobs for me - something always seems to come up or it's too wet, it's driving me nuts!! I really, really, really want to get rid of this pile of logs over in the yard and get the cubby house shifted underneath the lychee tree in the shade near the house (not to mention the driveway fixed, the drains redug and the millmud pile flattened). I'm going to renovate it for Bubby for Christmas - it needs some panelbeating after the cyclone, a new coat of paint (Green Jube and Pony Trail), some new curtains and new furniture and then Greg's going to put in a sandpit below it. I can't wait to get it all organised!

Izzy got sick of waiting for Greg to build a chook run and decided to have a go at it himself. So far he's got three star pickets in the ground and one star shaped gash in the middle of his forehead. Don't ask me how.

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