Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What's up

YES!! The backhoe came last Saturday!! We now have a perfectly good driveway so my brother-in-law won't have to visit the muffler joint every time he drives his Jag up here. We also had a couple of Chippies take away the half pipe that we bought Izzy second hand a few years back, they're going to restore it and use it, I was so glad to see the back of that delapitated monstrousity. I almost made it a bonfire a few times. The yard is free of huge logs and the cubby is now in the right spot! I'm almost finished repainting it. Can't wait to get cracking on the curtains (or more likely rope Mum into it) Nana gave me a few bucks for Bub so I bought him a matching sling chair from the Warehouse, he drags it around all over the place, he loves it.

This weekend we're planning a trip to Cairns with the trailer and a big spend-up at Bunnings. We need supplies for a chook shed (we bought two more little chickens at the markets on Sunday) and the sandpit. Plus Greg is picking up the cable-cross-over machine he ordered and we're paying off Izzy's laybuyed tramp and bringing it home! We're going to have a load and a half!!

I also have to go out to the airport and book Izzy's plane tickets for Sydney. His Dad is getting him for Christmas and New Years. I'm happy for him, but sad for me!! I dunno how I'm going to cope with him so far away...

I bought these speakers for one of my newphew's Christmas present yesterday. He's getting an mp3 player from his parents - I think he'll love 'em!

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