Sunday, January 20, 2008

7 Things

Greg is still in shock about the big black gravedigger Jamie failing to produce one of his two immunity idols to save himself from being voted out in Survivor. Every now-n-again, out of the blue, he screams out "WHY?? WHY DIDN'T HE USE IT!!!" My brother gave us a heap of episodes which we have been watching in between some of the best tennis games I've ever seen in my life! It's all very convenient coz right in front of the telle is where the aircon is and the coolest spot in the house.

I've been tagged to name 7 STRANGE THINGS ABOUT ME, it's going to be a bit hard coz I'm not really that strange:

1) Me and a friend saw a UFO at almost ground level in the middle of the night. I have also seen a group of hungry, creepy looking alien things which I didn't mention to anyone until about 2 years later because I had it in my head that if I did they were going to come and get me. (No, I wasn't on drugs.)

2) I sabotaged my reasonable looks at highschool. I gave myself (and let others give me) severely bad haircuts, I wore glasses I didn't need, black eyeliner as lipliner, huge baggy clothes, performed my own piercings... I wasn't self depreciating, I was just a punk who wanted to be a geek.... a really bad combo, but I still snagged the hot guys ;). I think I've progressed in the fashion stakes since then and even unleashed my potential hotness on occasions.

3) I've never eaten a Big Mac.

4) I hitchhiked non-stop for about 3 years. I only had two dodgy experiences one French guy wanted to give me a kiss. No go. And I told one dude he needed to let me out coz he was off his face on speed or something and couldn't drive safely for shit. I ended up driving his car for him! Probably saved him from plowing himself into a semi-trailer.

5) Trains make me horny. I love travelling in the sleeping berths and wanna take my man with me one time so we can go at it the whole journey (except for when we're lounging in the club car and dining in the dining car of course).

6) When I was extremely drunk, I pashed the fat sweaty bouncer who was about to throw me out of the venue just to make a quick getaway in her confusion.

7) I can't stand my stupid name.

I tag Tiff, NG, JT, Winey, Ruth, ltwis, and Kim (if you haven't been tagged already.)


Anonymous said...

crap! you tagged me! Cant I just say that I am strange full stop? No aliens or pashing for me lol xx

Anonymous said...

Ooo this would make a good 30 voices challenge! Can I use it pretty please?!

I for one want to hear more about the alien encounter.. that fascinates me. When I was a kid I used to go to bed praying to God to protect me from aliens! lol

ruth said...

Aww, I'm happy to be one of your Tagees.... Faboo Mama just tagged me all-formal-like. I'll do one post in honor of you both. In a few days. xox

Kim said...

I've been tagged! Do you realise you were my first? I was a tagging virgin before you ;) I'll forever remember you as my first LOL

Anonymous said...

I too want to hear more about the alien challenge and I'm trying to thing how I'm going to make my "list" PG rated, my mom reads my blog! LOL

What is pashing?

Kim said...

Pashing is snogging, sucking face, kissing ;)

wineymomma said...

I love it when we have to clear up our vocabulary for one another!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't quite sure! Kissing came to mind, but so did a BUNCH of other things : )