Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Men at Work

I’m thinking about Greg at work today as he has a theory exam for pressure welding and he didn’t get time to study yesterday arve because I was annoyed at the kids getting prickles in their pants and asked him to mow the lawn instead. My bad if he fails!

The nicknames I have heard over the years from Greg’s workplace never fail to crack me up. I’ll share a few of the classics:

They call one guy “Six Shits”. I suppose it’s because he spends too much time on the dunny and if that’s the case I reckon Greg could qualify for that nickname too.

There are these two mates Greg labeled “Grotty Valenotti and Sloppy Slobotski” (their real surnames) – sounds like a couple of grouches from Sesame Street. There’s some seedy stories behind those names but I won’t go into them.

One guy who is small and irritating they call “Sandfly”.

Another is “Booka” coz he’s a "booka" knowledge.

Then there’s one fella they call “Tully Times” because he’s a gossip and knows everything that’s going on around the place.

Scott turns into "Scottissues" or "Scottproblems" or "Scott-no-friends".

When tradies get together it sounds like they go to some elaborate lengths to pull of a practical joke too. Anything for a laugh.

I was pumping Anakin’s leggies backwards and forwards this morning when he was lying on the bed and he started going “ar”, “ow”, “eh”, “ee” – really sounded like he was about to start counting. He is really starting to say heaps! He’s a smart little cookie. And you can tell him to do just about anything and he knows exactly what you’re saying. If I say “That’s a beautiful flower Love. Go give Brussy a smell”, he’ll take over to his brother and hold it under his nose. Or “Anakin that’s Georgia’s, go give it back to her”, off he goes.

We’ve got the power back on YAY! YIPEE!! No more cold showers. No more peeing in the dark. No more trying to cook dinner on one little ring burner or worrying that the gas bottle is leaking and going to blow us all up. No more carting my washing up to Mum’s. No more refueling the generator. It was kind of fun while it lasted (only coz Greg kept the computer going for me!) but I’m glad it’s over.


jeanne theresa said...

I can't believe you had no power for that long! In Chicago, people would be having SCREAMING FITS if they had to live on generator power for a week. I swear. Good for you about being such a good sport about it all. Oh, and that moment when babies start to talk? Magical. Really.

ruth said...

On a separate note - did you see? You won transplanting me's haiku challenge!


p.s. - heard Sia give a radio interview yesterday & thought of you.....such a charming accent.

Happy Friday.