Tuesday, October 30, 2007

He's Dynamite

Izzy's class came home from camp yesterday so I guess while the kids are all writing up recollections of their adventures Izzy will be detailing how he spent his time at home. It's going to cast a pretty dubious light on my own parental apptitude I'm sure because, besides going to the local swimming pool with his little Bruss yesterday the best fun he had was pulling apart the insides of party poppers and discovering new and interesting ways to make them explode - the louder the better. And I'm sure he'll detail the way he rearranged his chest of drawers so he could label one of them "Explosives" and he'll probably fail to mention the contents are only harmless things like sparklers, caps and fake exploding compressed powder golf balls. If he puts his can of Brut in there I'm going to have to wring his neck.


Anonymous said...

Izwan is lucky he doesnt live with Aunty Zimmie, cos nasty me would have made him go to camp - hee har har har (evil laugh!)

Jenn said...