Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still in the Dark

Six days later and we're still sitting here in the dark. Anakin's been sleeping real good with all the white noise - the gas light hissing away and the generator purring in the carport. I haven't been able to vac the floor in a week, there's extension leads running about all over it and curled up all over the place anyway.

The Ergon inspector refused to turn our power back on until our equipment was all very legit'. We ended up buying a flash little generator, let's hope it doesn't emit any unpredictable power surges that will cause the computer to blow up. God, it's already been the most expensive scenerio ever!

Hey! Me and Bubby had our first conversation today. It went:
"Yes Darling?"
"I want Titty"
"Okay Lovie, you can have some Titty"
He's becoming such a good talker! And he's practically running around these days! In his little orange "croca-dillians".

I gave Iz the day off school today. Instead we went up to Nana and Grandad's and the kids got to see their Poppy and Di as well and I took them to the pool for a big swim and a play. And Iz spent more of his birthday money at KMart. Way better than school.

Speaking of school, it was good to be in with the preps yesterday. They were well behaved and engaged all day. The boys outnumbered the girls by about 5 to 1 so it was a pretty energetic day. I was so glad to have parent helpers though! Especially when one of the little guys went white and had to throw up right in the middle of his show-n-tell. Sounds a bit cliched. But it's true! They went a bit berserke at home time though - just when all the parents were rocking up. (Shame!) I'd given them a colouring in sheet I'd made up for them with "Hot, hungry horses hurrying up the hill." And they were so stoked they were hugging each other and jumping up and down on the spot. I couldn't get them to chill back out!

Anakin experienced the consequenses of his naughty behaviour for the first time tonight. He was sitting on my lap eating his dinner in Mum's hall. (She built a dance hall as an extension to her house and it has a kitchenette and shower and toilet so we have been making some use of it lately.) He knew exactly what I meant when I told him a few times not to crunch up and pull at the tablecloth. But after a couple of thwarted attempts he yanked the whole thing onto the ground along with my cup of green tea and his dinner! (He'd never be so cheeky with Auntie Nick - she just has to shake her head and gently say "No Bubby".) I marched him over to the mat on the opposite side of the room and made him stay there until I finished cleaning up his mess. It made him very miserable. Once I was ready to sit him on my lap for some more dinner he was looking at me and smiling so desperate for my approval again (I felt like such a meanie). We started afresh and had a lovely little time.

There's been a bit of discussion about racism lately, I just wanted to clarify that "The Noisy Blackfellas" is actually a band, with that name, that's what they call themselves, that's not what I called them, although I probably would, 'cause I know these guys and they are noisy and they're blackfellas too.

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Jenn said...

:( Poor Anakin - I hate it when they learn puppy dog eyes! Makes you feel so terrible.