Friday, February 29, 2008


It's funny, the parallels you can draw when you read about the daily lives of others. I'm sure I was similtaneously squeezing chin zits with a certain someone the other morning, except I only entertained the thought of smearing toothpaste on mine. No joke, I looked down at that tube of toothpaste after being completely unsatisfied with the lack of pus I tried so hard to force out and thought "I wonder where the idea of putting toothpaste on zits came from, maybe it's got astringent properties. Should I try it? Nah." Then the next day as she was burning biscuits, I was being sidetracked in the yard with Anakin, leaving my energy slice cooking for about twice as long as recommended. Somehow my mixture turned out more moist and I'd packed it into the baking tray thicker than normal so when I finally remembered it, instead of the charcoal I thought I'd be left with it actually turned out all right. Thankfully, coz with all the nuts and dried fruit that go in it and with the price of eggs lately there was like bloody 20 bucks worth of ingredients in it! White tea wouldn't have soothed me if I had have wrecked that slice, takes forever to make, I woulda needed some behaviour meds for that shit.

I reckon I was watching The Factory Girl the same time my Favourite Femme Storyteller was right over the other side of the world too. We both enjoyed it. I've been a fan of Lou Reed so I knew a bit about Edie. Later I found this image of her and I think it's so, so sad. She looks completely lost.

It makes me feel like singing that Velvet Underground song that's so sweet and sad I just cry:

Jesus, Jesus,
Help me find my proper place,
Help me in my weakness,
Coz I'm falling out of grace...

Maybe it was written about her

Oh man since the tennis finished I've had nothing at all to watch on telly. But Wednesday night's going to be my night on the couch starting 9pm. There's a real funny new Aussie show on the ABC called Stupid, Stupid Man, with Bert Newton's son and the chick from playschool and then Cashmere Mafia's got me sucked in and it's all because of the BEAUTIFUL clothes they wear! Especially Lucy Lui's character. I'd cut sick in her wardrobe. Did you see the outfit with the volumous white puffy sleeves and the regimental looking tunic thing she had over the top - oh my God, that was so stunning and her hair was all moulded and kind of flapper. I wish I could find an image to show you.

I had a visit from my little brother today. It was so nice having him hanging out in my kitchen while I cooked up some chili con carne for tea. He told me about the party he had on Saturday and the volcano-effect that occurred when they took the radiator cap off his mates car after tearing up the paddock doing doughies in it. And how crystal clear the creek is at the moment down at our old swimming hole behind Uncle Mick's. He also told me how he actually feared for his safety (not when he was doing donuts in an out of control vehicle but) when the blonde girl he woke up next to the other morning started rambling that in her opinion the Japanese have every right to slaughter as many whales as they like. We agreed that was the most bizzare way to start a getting-to-know-you-conversation and he's going to vow off unsatisfactory sex with random girls and stop drinking so much. Good news - he thinks it's dangerous.

Man I gotta go to bed. Look at the time.


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Averil said...

Hee hee hee!!!

xx Averil

Kim said...

Not only are the clothes fabulous on CM but did you notice the bags? Deliciously stored in their boxes so that every time they open them the senses would be overpowered with that 'new bag' scent. *drool*

lol at your bother!

candi said...

You're freaking me out, man! *I* am sitting here with toothpaste on a blind pimple!

Jenn said...

Toothpaste works on zits, but only the good old fashioned paste kind.

Jenn said...

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