Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ch-ch-ch Changes

I took Bubby in to town yesterday and we bumped into Daddy!! at the end of the grocery aisle. I love seeing him in public places when I’m not expecting too. His familiarity and gorgeousness takes my breath away. He’s like a big beautiful Adonis (if Greeks could have red hair). He’s majorly spunky in his work gear, makes my stomach do a flip flop just thinking about him. Luckily for me he thinks I’m a little spunk too.

He is about to make a change and is going to take a job offer as a boilermaker with the contractors of a huge Main Roads project here that runs for three years. The pay is comparable to mine work so he’s really keen to whack a lot of money on the house and block (I love saying that!). The hours are really long and he’ll be working eleven days on, three days off for eight months of the year. We’ll miss him heaps in the arvies, I really like his hours at the moment but he’s sick of the hierarchy bullsh*t that goes on where he is and being treated like an apprentice when he’s capable of so much more. He’s going to be doing heaps of interesting structural work and have heaps more challengers and job satisfaction if he changes. Plus they put away a percent of his wage and at the end of the contract he’ll get a big redundancy package.

We’ve got a wedding coming up on the 10th and I’ve been sending myself crazy trying to find a pair of navy coloured boots! Aughr!! Futile I tell you! Greg’s going to the buck’s party this Saturday night, I’m a little bit envious coz I haven’t been nightclubbing since the night I had implantation bleeding in the toilets at SoHo’s (I knew it!!). So he’s agreed to giving me a kid free Saturday morning to have another go – I’m going to check out the Pier this time and all the other atypical shoe shops I can find in the whole of Cairns!

Izzy’s Dad is flying up for a gig in Cooktown this weekend so we’ll be bringing him home with us on Sunday and he’s going to stay for a week before he goes back to Sydney. That and the show tomorrow night Izzy has a lot to look forward too!!

We bought a game of Scrabble to entertain ourselves during No TV Day. After winning the first game I planned on never letting anybody else win EVER! Greg currently beating me (the shame!!) but the game’s not over yet!

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