Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For Ever? For Ever Ever?

I’ve got the biggest guts and I just keep on stuffing it with food. I’ve always maintained that never having been on a diet has worked in my favour – I’ve actually trained my body to plough through the huge truck loads of food I shovel into it, it knows it’s never going into starvation mode, therefore never really learnt to store much energy as fat. But I’m afraid I’ve pushed that theory a little bit too far. I think the muffin top I’ve cultivated in the last year or so would but Kimmy’s to shame!

Nevermind, I had unbelievably hot sex with my man twice in two hours last night and he thinks I’m frickn awesome!

We’re heading up to Cairns for this wedding tonight and I have a hair appointment booked in (thanks to late night shopping) at 7. I’m toying with the idea of going heaps shorter. Something a bit spunky and sassy. Something a bit Posh Becks (‘cept my hair’s curly). I dunno. Ideas??

I just made myself cry jotting down a few notes to help Greg with his speech. These guys are going to make a beautiful Man and Wife. Maybe they’ll be the perfect married couple that will restore my faith in “for ever” COME ON!!

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