Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can U Feel My Pain?

I went out to dinner with 16 other women last night. Man, it was like some kind of peculiar punishment for an introvert like me. Besides the fact that I was trying to manage a headache and doing my utmost to avoid vomiting my dinner back up into my plate.

I’m not really into amping up my volume and the outrageousness of my stories to compete for the attention of the throng. I find holding the attention of a crowd somewhat daunting so I don’t even try – I much prefer to talk to one person at a time.

The plan is to make it a regular gathering and do the local restaurant circuit so I’ll get a chance to practice a bit more, maybe I'll get better at it. They all seem like really nice ladies and I plan on taking Anakin to join in their mothers group and maybe Kindamusik too. (If I can brave leaving the quiet, secluded comfort of my own home. (Jokes.)

Might help if next time I get a few beverages into me to act as a social lubricant – last night just the thought of a drink threatened to tip me off into a full blown migraine. Not helped by the fact that I was sitting next to the most toasted and animated character there. 16 women can make a lot of noise!! Grind grind.

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Dina said...

Hello, I just bumpded into your blog, you have posted some interested stories, well I guess real life adventures. Like you I am a stay at home mum and have have two children, feel free to visit my blogs i have one about the country i live in and the other about me and my family, nice to meet you.

Oh and I do agree with you, it is hard to attract attention to 16 women who are highly engaged in high pitched conversations.