Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Giving Thanks

Wow I’ve really got the most beautiful view out my bedroom window – it’s one of the things I like to send out a silent ‘thanks’ for. I lie on my bed, gaze out the window and this is what I see: A big passionfruit vine that runs all up and over our little patio – it’s flowering at the moment and there’s some finches nesting in it. I see our orchard with a fruiting carambola tree, a mulberry bush and all sorts of weird and wonderful natives – grumicharmas, joboticavas, cherry guavas, sally wattles… And the spot where we buried Bubby’s placenta. I think I’ll grow a Herbert river cherry there. How beautiful!

You know I grew up in a long line of strict atheists – Mum wouldn’t give her permission for us to attend R.E at school – not even when all R.E was, was a big bossumed baby – powdered, peachy soft Aboriginal woman belting out a heap of psalm songs on the school’s piano. There was no way I was joining Rainbow Club! I don’t know too much about the whole Christianity thing, besides the book of Revelation freaks me out, the book of Psalms makes me cry and one of my ex boyfriends thought he was Jesus. Psyche! But I do know I’ve got A LOT to be grateful for and the great view I have out my window is just one of a trillion! (The fact that there’s a swarm of March flies out there I’ll just set aside and be thankful that I have screens!)

Anakin did his first poo in the potty yesterday morning. What a smartie! He does plenty of wees in the toilet and on the grass but this was kind of a combination of elimination-communication and good timing. What a trickie fella!I started the day with a double helping of banana and blueberry French toast and I’m going to end it with a Yoga lesson. In between I’m having a good giggle with my Bubba and counting all his kisses, yes, way past a trillion today….he’s getting Izzy’s share while he’s away..

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