Monday, January 1, 2007


A trillion kisses are how many my baby gets everyday...Anakin joined his Big Brus Isaiah (10) on July the 19th, 10 days after my 32nd birthday and made my life that much sweeter. He is my little Yummy Scrummy, my happy little Sweetpea, my beautiful Darlin’-boy.

The Birth of Anakin Christian

I met his daddy at a halloween Heaven and Hell party over 6 years ago. He introduced himself as Saint Greg the patriot saint of Guidance, I was “Heaven on Earth”. He was a big honey and I was an ‘angel fallen from heaven’, we were both ripe for a relationship and the rest is history…

Meanwhile, these days, with raising a family, jobs, keeping house and a huge yard to maintain, I have to make my new year’s resolution “to remember to pash my man at least once a day” because sometimes we just miss each other and drift by. It’s important to keep one another close – especially when I can be bratty and go whole days when all I’ve said to him is ‘you’re gamon’ and ‘shut-up’!

These school holidays have been a little bit sad for me as Issy has chosen to spend most of them with his dad - “Biggy”. I get really lonely for him as he is our resident comic and can get me in hysterics more than anyone else I know.

I’ve previously told Greg if he wants more babies he’ll have to grow himself a set of ovaries, a uterus and a vagina for Christmas because Anakin would be my last – but since Issy has been a little deserter and flown the coup of late, I feel like having a bunch more!! Surround myself with beautiful bubbas – they grow up so fast and then leave. WAAA!! I should keep in mind that quote by Kahlil Gibran – you know the one about children not really being yours but being sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself – that they are like arrows that shoot forth from your stable bow… something like that. But it sounds pretty bloody sad to me! It just means that they’re going to grow up and leave you – and that sux.

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