Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Family Snapshots

We loaned Biggy our digital camera to take on a trip to Sydney for a couple of weeks and ever since, every moment with my family has seemed like a perfect photo op’ that can never be recaptured.

Yesterday I would have taken photos of Izzy – all smart in his school uniform, proudly holding his baby brother at his new desk in his new classroom. Then after his school day was over I would have loved to capture him waving at me through the window as I waited to collect him.

I would have taken a photo of my Mum on parade with her new class of grade threes. Greg too, first thing in the morning - so sexy in his work clothes, driving me crazy watching him tucking in his work shirt and rolling up his sleeves!

I would have taken photos of Bubby on the potty slouching there over his fat tummy like a tired little old man. And photos of him cooling off in the kitchen sink, in the laundry tubs, under the hose and in the rain. Photos of him all dreamy-eyed, relaxing on the bed after a big feed. And how he can sit up so strong now with only the occasional stack.

On Sunday I would have captured memories of Greg and Bubby having yet another very successful swimming lesson in my sisters’ pool.

Pictures of Izzy and his cousins wrestling on the tramp’ and Greg hurling them about in the pool.

My brother-in-law giving us rock quizzes on his electric guitar. With my hillbilly Dad backing him up on the spoons while his girlfriend smiled encouragement.

The oldies digging into the beautiful lunch we prepared and sampling Greg’s ‘moonshine’.My niece as she impatiently awaited her first day of highschool.

I definitely would have photographed my uncle showing the kids how he takes out the bridge that keeps his false front tooth in place, if he’d of let me! And his lovely lady’s mortified facial expression as my Auntie explained how she had her dog debarked!

I would have captured the contrast of my skinny brown sister in her tiny bikini next to my tall, white, flubbery brother, and me somewhere in the middle.

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