Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wicked Awesome

My man gave me the biggest pash before I went shopping this morning and told me “tonight’s your night Baby” (he must think he’s Craig David or something) – Big Man’s asleep on the couch! So much for that!

My massage table came, so we all had massages tonight to test it out! It’s a deadly one. I was only going easy on Iz but got a big clunk out of his neck which he thanked me for. Greg was in a euphoric daze throughout his. And then Greg did me, he’s been lifting too many weights lately and nearly broke my spine and burst a kidney and collapsed a lung and ruptured a “diskgliche”, as usual – a bit torturous, but any physical contact with him is good for me lately.

I wish I didn’t ever have to sleep, it’s such a waste of time. I really should have gone to bed a couple of hours ago coz, God, I’ve had some rough ones lately. I think Bubby’s teeth are troubling him a little bit which creates lots of night-wakings and stirrings.

He has been a superlative potty user of late. He went for about two weeks where every poo went in the pot! But we’ve had 2 slip ups lately, both times he was giving me all the signals – singing out for me and grunting and straining loudly but I kind of unintentionally ignored him thinking there was no way he could possibly have anymore in those little bowels of his – I think he defecates more than a fully grown adult! (All the mulberries and goji berries and grapes and porridge he’s been eating.) It was my fault - I won’t underestimate him anymore!

I had him cracking up in hysterics yesterday. I was saying to him “I’m forty” in that husky emphysemic voice from the quit smoking ad’ (I’m sorry, bad taste I know), but he thought it was hilarious!

So much for saving, I bought an outdoor setting today. It was half price!! I’ve been waiting for the perfect thing to furnish my porch with – somewhere comfy to sit and read and have cuppas. It’s a kwila setting with big comfy weatherproof cushions – the “Bellevue”, it has 2 sofa armchairs, a double seater sofa and two coffee tables! If Greg takes the trailer and picks it up for me I’ll give him half for his shed.

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