Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pix and Pink Bits

Jingle Bell Joe:

This is Anakin with his hoard of farm animals that came out of his stocking yesterday. He was doing an Ozzy Osbourne for a while there with a chicken hanging out of his mouth.

With his baby-doll who he has named "Bocky" (He cuddled it tenderly for awhile and then started repeatedly rapping it over the head!)

Yep, just like my profile pick, but you can see the colours through it. (My God, is my nose really that pointy?!)

I went to a local girl's 40th "Pink Party" last night. A list of pink things made a border around the invite: Pink frocks, pink cocktails, pink boas, pink lipstick... It went on to list "pink bits" and "pink pills" and specifically instructed to leave your inhibitions and children at home. Bit saucy! I'm no prude with my man in the parameters of my relationship but I'm not into, whatdoyacallit? umm, swinging! But I took my chances and went for a laugh. I had to drive home so behaved myself and only had a couple drinks. It was good to mix with some old local yokels. Working at the school I tend to know everyone as such-n-such's Mum or Dad. Had a bonding session with my ex-boyfriends girlfriend. She's a real hippy-fairy waif of a girl, much more suited to his New Age Aquarian Gospel, John Butler loving self. She was telling me how desperately they wanted a little acreage to grow vege's etc and it really reinforced how fortunate I am that my dream has been manifested (her word) into reality!

Anyway there was some awesome costumes - some chick even came dressed as a giant pink lamington! And I was stoked coz I had an excuse to wear these deadly shoes I bought from the op-shop once.

How cool are they? Except they're so tiny I'm not even completely sure they are even meant to be worn as shoes. I think they're actually ornaments that a tourist brought home from some oriental country. More likely a Provence of China where they still like to practice foot-binding! As tight as they were (I felt like that chick from the IT Crowd) I still had to wear socks with them (making it even more of a task jamming my feet into them). HAVING to wear socks with second hand shoes could be listed as one of my rules in life!


wineymomma said...

fantastic hair, fantastic shoes but what's a lamington?

My son used to use any doll he came in contact with as a weapon!
Totally self defense!

Kisses said...

I thought I might have to explain a lamington to some of you foreigners (wink). A lamington is a square of sponge cake dipped in runny (usually) chocolate icing and then rolled in desiccated coconut. Another Aussie dessert great with a cuppa tea. xx

Jenn said...

LOVE the hair!

Jenn said...

Too funny - I have the same elf hat. I'll have to post a picture on my blog later in the week.

Great hair and shoes.

Lamington's sound YUMMY!

Wineymomma said...

Lamington-a new word to add and Oh, by the way-I'll take 2!