Monday, December 24, 2007

She Came!

I got to see the over excitable, atypical little nymphette early this morning. She stayed for a couple of hours and then went off in search of the next adventure. She cracks me up - she is totally lacking conventional schooling, but if you wanna know how to soften and kill a chook ready for eating, or how to a catch a barra', just ask Kyra. While she was here she unravelled this 7 foot long, King Brown snake skin that she had tanned! It was making a menace of itself, hanging around her camp up the Pascoe so her dad killed it with a shovel. It musta been HUGE! I'm already looking forward to the next time I see her.

Now as a tribute to Kyra the next question I will pose to you is: What has been your favourite costume that you've ever worn to a fancy dress party or performance. (JT please answer this one!)

Kyra hosted a Heroes and Villains party a few years back. I dressed as Rollergirl, coz she was my hero from Boogie Nights. I'd enhanced these hotpants with all kinds of pink ribbons and sequins and made fuzzy pink covers for my rollerblades, which I wore the entire night - even moshing in their little jam room. It was so much fun. We were like a bunch of kids running amok. She made a Xena Warrior Princess costume and looked totally convincing! So tell us, what has been your best costume? I'm dying to know!

I fell in love with a Cashmere Pine Christmas tree at KMart yesterday. I really want to buy a big one for next year but I'm pretty broke after all the shopping lately and I'm hoping it will be reduced even further after Boxing Day.



Not Goth said...

My favourite costume ever was when I dressed up as Elvis.

One year I would like to go as Mary Poppins. I need to work on that though.


SassyPants said...

I think I was princess at one point when I was a kid... My mom made me a special wand made out of a empty paper towel holder and tin foil. :)

Jenn said...

I can't think of a costume that has been my favorite, but as far as dressing up in fancy dresses, this year's Marine Corps Ball was my favorite dress.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

wineymomma said...

Okay-and for the way cool parties too!

ruth said...

I hope your Christmas was lovely!! xoRuth