Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Squirtday!

Well it took awhile to determine but it looks like the “spewies followed by the pooies” is some form of contagious gastro, not food poisoning from the festy dog bowl at all – poor Izzy started upchucking just before his birthday dinner. You should have seen me multitask – cooking a huge feed for all the family while trying my best to palm off the littlest Cling-on and emptying out the spew bucket for Iz! As you can imagine a LOT of soft soap was involved! I hope we haven’t passed it onto anyone but everyone was already here!

So I’ve got one little baby who’s starting to adopt the “lollipop look” and doesn’t want to do much of anything besides hang off the boobie and doze – he hasn’t got any energy reserves at all and hasn’t really consumed much solid food in the past 6 days. And one now 11 (!) year old who has been couch (and toilet) bound for the last 12 hours and only just now, managed to feel well enough to blow out the candles on his birthday cake (probably contaminating it but, oh well, you have to blow out your candles – it’s tradition! Nobody has to eat it – it was a token cake.) I’ve been kissing and cuddling them both but you know me, I just soldier on, I’m a machine – a Femme-bot! Honestly though, I have got a bit of a crook guts and these weird sharp pangs going through all my joints and bones but I refuse to succumb.

Other than the misfortune of getting crook on his birthday, Izzy was a very spoilt boy. We bought him a Nintendo DS Lite which came with the Cars game and a pair of And1 basketball shoes. His Dad sent him a heap of Xtreme Sports DVD’s and a little music box thingy that played “Happy Birthday” as you wind it around – how beautiful (that was his girlfriend’s idea). Mum and Nick bought him games and accessories for his DS (watch-out Raven – as soon as we’re travel-hardy he’s coming for a challenge!). He scored a deadly “hardcore gaming cape” from his Great Auntie Marie. And then he collected about $250 worth of birthday money! A majority of which will be going straight into his bank!

We were suppose to head up to Cairns today – Greg’s sister arrives from Brisbane tonight and she still hasn’t met Anakin! But we’re in quarantine and are having a quiet one around the house, caring for the sick patients, catching-up on sleep and doing a few maintenance jobs.

Greg is stoked – he’s gassed his first couple of kegs and yesterday afternoon fitted the beer tap into the door of our old fridge in the carport, so he now has beer on-tap! He was doing his goofy happy dance a lot yesterday! But after a session last night he and Nicholas both agree that he somehow managed to brew non-alcoholic beer – next time he’ll add more dextrose!

I just ran some AntiSpyWare, I hope it fixes all the greebilies.

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