Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jabawokie Girl, Be Gone!

I anticipated the Townsville trip to be a bit of a melodrama – being stuck without our own vehicle and at the mercy of Greg’s sometimes stress-case brother, but it was actually really relaxing. We had plenty of chill-out time in the suite, we took Bubby for lots of walks and a couple of trips to the pool. Greg took Anakin for a morning at the strand while Chris and I successfully took care of business on Saturday. Then we did a bit of shopping and cruised home.

My diet went a bit out the window while I was there though, not to mention the huge lamb roast dinner we ate the night before we left. Greg bought me a vanilla slice which I ate a bit at a time. We had a scrumptious room service dinner really late on Friday night, when I should have been done with eating for the day hours beforehand. Plus on the way home I ate one of those rolls of Cadbury diary milk chocolate, which was half melted and just slid down the gullet way too easy.

A few months ago I decided I only wanted to support local businesses while eating out instead of the multimillion dollar fast food chains, it gets a bit hard considering everything seems to be part of a generic franchise these days but I’m doing very well.

The dog ate through the cord of my Emjoi when I left it out on the verandah one night so I’ve been resembling a part of the Jabawokie family of late. Greg replaced it for me while we were shopping so Woo-hoo! You might actually see me in some shorts sometime soon! (Who am I kidding? I only ever where pants anyway regardless of how hairy my legs are or how hot the weather is.) The brand new little motor hoons along at twice the speed of my old clapped out one so in the time I save I might have the chance to take on a new hobby. (Who am I kidding – more like “a” hobby”.) If an iridologist examined my eyes they’d find a big black spot right over my adrenal gland – that’s from all the years of painful hair removal I’ve had to endure. It’s not the most fun thing to do (that’s why I still haven’t done it yet!) but hey the results are pretty fab – if only it removed the spider veins as well…

I had to deal with a pooey nappy yesterday because we were out at the markets and couldn’t make it home in time for the potty. It was a highly unusual event. The poor baby had it spread all over his bum and it was all pretty revolting which makes me wonder why more people don’t get there babies on the potty asap. (Meaning as soon as you can help them sit up on it properly – like 4 months old!) Some Mums have mentioned that it’s cruel to force them into toilet training, that they should lead the process blah blah blah. What I reckon is cruel is leaving them to shit in their pants and underestimating their ability to comprehend what a toilet or potty is for, and use it!

Izzy lost a tooth at the markets yesterday, so he’s buying a chocolate milk today with his tooth fairy money. Hee hee.

We’ve been filling up on green coconut milk since our mate the coconut man sent us home with a bunch of freebies yesterday. God I love that stuff. Chocked full of goodness! And the immature nut is SO yum. I could live on it.

We received our rates notices in the mail the other day (plural!). Ouch – that’s hurtin’ – but in a good way!

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