Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cause for Celebration

Mum dropped off about 10 kilos of rambutans yesterday. She looks after me. Sometimes it’s passionfruit, sometimes it’s pawpaws or longans but my all time favourites are rambies. YUM!! I’ll have a monodiet until they’re all gone! (And sugar diabetes!) All she got was a piece of tea cake with cream. Who’s getting the raw deal? (Well she did get lots of kisses from her yummy Creambun too!)

Bubby has been hooking into his tucker. He’s been having sugar plums or mango mushed into his rice cereal and avocado and banana (very ripe ones!) mashed up together. He loves chewing on goji berries and his herb stalks of course.

Hey guess what? All the formwork is being done for our shed!! We are going to have a slab on Friday!!! (The concrete kind.) I don’t know how long it will take for the rest as Greg is doing the owner/builder thing and he runs on “Island time” (it was promised to be totally completed by Christmas. Greg was even in the habit of talking about it like it was already there {a bit like the marriage he hasn’t even made a proposal for} “that’s my shed” – where there was just an excavated flat spot up on the bank!) But I’m so excited to see some progress. Maybe I’ll get a chance to clear out the house sometime soon and my little car “Dash” won’t have to be out in the rain anymore. The first thing I’ll need up there is a sports closet. We have squash rackets, tennis rackets, cricket bats, softball gear, footy balls, basketballs, gym balls, leg weights, hockey sticks and a spinner and the rest, all floating around our tiny house at the moment… We have to shuffle around sideways half the time!!

My second period arrived – a big river of red! There was 52 days between my first and second cycle postpartum.Bubby went to his first big party on the weekend. A celebration of the engagement of 2 beautiful friends. He stayed awake for the whole 2 hours it took for us to drive there so we only stayed for an hour before it was over to Alkie Uncle Christo’s for beddie-bye time. (Not Greg – I picked him up at 4 in the morning! He’d crashed out in bed with the Groom-to-be! Luckily not the Bride-to-be!!) It was funny to see Anakin being showered with kisses from all these big muscley fellas – they love him and Greg loves a chance to show him off too. Bubby had grabbed a ribboned helium balloon on the way through the entrance and spent the whole time pulling and batting it in quick succession. Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang…

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