Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Glorious AND Prolific

And there draws a close to another weekend, aside from a short but ferocious bout of the squirts from too much frangelico and a marathon nightmare about that idiot “teabag” from Prison Break it was a glorious and prolific one.

Glorious because it was a weekend filled with family. Me and Nick took the kids shopping (Kmart is no longer stocked with any wrestling cards) and to visit Nanna and Granddad. We had fish and chips and salad down at the skatepark on the beachfront for family night with Mum. Chuckles had a sleepover. Iz and Georgie had one of there ongoing monopoly wars. I made a huge pancake breakfast for nine! Kids swam and wrestled and jumped on the tramp and argued about wrestling and smoogied the baby.

(This is what an eavesdrop on the boys sounds like when they’re recapping the days wrestling injuries:

“Did ya hear my back crack when Jack jumped on me? I think I fractured a diskgliche and it fragmented into my spinal column!” “Oh yeah and what about when Jack hooked his ulcer on the fence!” "Yeah and how 'bout Bubby elbowing me in the blowhole!"

I’m not up on what a “diskgliche” is or how you “hook an ulcer” when you don’t even have one to hook.)

Prolific because after the weekends hunting and gathering my miserable looking fruitbasket and fridge is now in abundance with rambutans, pineapples, sugarplums, grapes, mangoes, avocados, bananas, eggplant, sugarsnaps, snowpeas…(not to mention chocolate and croissants and cake…)

And prolific because Greg and his fellow welding friend spent their entire weekend working on the shed. Hurray! Bravo! Hurrah! It’s going to be so big it’ll overshadow our little modest house! Oh well at least it will be a well organized diminutive domicile. Hee hee har har har.

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