Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missn My Man

I miss my man! I know he lives here but I haven’t seen a lot of him lately. He’s off to work before I’ve even rubbed my eyes in the morning and in the arve he’s been busy getting the shed organized (a good thing I know!) and then he’s always going off to sleep the same time Bubby does on the loungeroom floor!

This weekend will be a blitz of visitors again. Greg’s Mum, Dad and brother are bringing tressles and coming to help out and stay a night or two. Izzy’s Dad is coming for a visit, not sure if he’s bringing his girlfriend. Catching up with an old bestie and meeting her new man on Sunday and maybe another couple as well. Plus some more besties have land down this way and usually come for a visit on the weekends, I’m expecting them too. Man I need to have a guest room built up in that shed! It’s either exceedingly quiet around here – just me and Anakin, or completely nuts and busting at the seams!

I guess that means Greg will be job supervisor all weekend and I’ll be caterer extraordinaire and I won’t get to be with him in forever!! And until I get some of his undivided attention I’ve still got my boys. Anakin loves his mummy so much and is such a little smoogie man. He’s an absolute pleasure to behold. So delightful and content, a charming little chappy as always. And Izzy puts up with me as long as I’m a good audience and have a listening ear while he rambles on about WWE vs ECW, Batista, Chris Benoit, Rey Masterio, John Cena and Tripple H, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle and the big tubby Cowboy, Rod Van Dam, Eddie Gurera, Randy Orton… I do listen, you can tell.

(Uh-oh, dance night tonight, and out comes the disenfranchised brat in me. No, I’ll behave and try real hard too!)

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