Monday, March 5, 2007

With Aunt Flo returns MoJo

Ahrr, cuppa tea and cake time. Bubby is in the aircon’ having his third sleep of the day after tearing around in his walker rubbing his dried banana over the furniture, a swim in the kitchen sink, a big kissy wrestle with Mummy in front of B&B (we have Imarja so it’s on at 12.30 n please don’t tell me what’s happening we’re a bit behind!), a play with Duplo and the Xbox remotes, a paddle in his wading pool underneath the shady trampoline, a Lift n Look book, a check-up on the workers up at the “shed” (I’m doing a Greg), and overseeing some mopping of the floors and the baking and icing of a carrot cake. What a busy-bee!

And with the menstruation returns the MoJo! Woohoo! I’m quite the rabid dog! I’ve been hankering around after Greg panting, I can’t look at him without clenching my teeth hard and growling! It helps that he’s been a Man Of Action lately, he’s much sexier than his alter ego The Dopey Guppy. All my life I’ve have had relationships with poetic types and muso’s to get my hands on my very own Max Steel with big yummy muscles and rough workin’man hands is mmmmm, grind grind. Sometimes I miss the serenading and poetry and ardent love letters I once received but I’d never trade it for the occasional bit of graffiti art I get from Greg…The thought of him at work with grime all over him, sparks flying everywhere and his welding shield on…WELL!!

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