Saturday, February 3, 2007


I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic and remembering back in the day when you could buy Bobbies and Curls at the local swimming pool. They took you forever to eat because they were so hard. Remember them? Curls were the caramel flavoured straps covered in a layer of chocolate and were always my favourite and Bobbies were the same but white on the inside and peppermint flavoured. They were my sisters favourite. I was always the guts-ache that finished everything first and she was always the generous one letting me have half of anything she had left. (Get this – we used to eat each others bubble gum if there was any flavour left . Talk about sisterly love. Sweets must have been few and far between! Hey that reminds me – remember Spurt??)

These days, Izzy informs me it’s Ghostdrops and Warheads and Wicked Fizz – sounds bad and tastes even worse! Least you can still buy Redskins and Milkos! Listen to me, I must need a piece of chocolate or something!

Izzy and his cousins have there own vocabulary of lingo that they alter and add to over time. If they don’t know a word for something they just make one up that sounds right or use another one in a new context.

A “schline” is the d*cktoggy things that wrestlers wear to keep there schlongs in.
“Neckrubbers” are the people of faith that you see worshipping on early morning weekend television.
“Biggy” is short for Big Guy and is their name for Dad.
“Freshly or Tender” is good.
“Blame Zane” is what they say when they are trying to weasel out of something.
“Hey Choge” is a friendly greeting.
"Gliche" is to cling onto something.
"Neckle" is a neck.
"Gobbly" is a wobbly fat neckle - like Harolds from Neighbours.

You need to know a bit of kidspeak to get by around here. Thery're a funny little posse.

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