Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vent On A Shedless Man

Me and my man fight all the time and there are some definite reoccurring themes. My most common complaint is that since he moved in my space has been totally impinged. It’s a bit difficult as it’s only a small house really but you must understand every one of my planets is in Cancer and the comfort I feel in the space in my home means A LOT!! I know living with a bloke is hard at the best of times but this is how it is when you look around here:

Greg made himself a still, so under my coffee table in the lounge room there are…counting, counting, about 45 bottles of various alcohol in all different stages of completion – some getting carbon filtered, some waiting to be mixed with essence…and looking around there is also a bottle at my feet under the computer table, 3 on the bookshelf and 2 underneath the breakfast bar. The main lot he has under the coffee table he has tried to make look kind of neat and are jammed in and partially concealed with a sit-up-bench-piece-of-exercise-equipment-thingy. But that just leads to another cause for contention.

My car sits out in the rain night after night because the carport is jammed up with weights and a weights bench and all those other things that guys bring into your life. Eskies, toolboxes, tackle boxes, fishing rods, spearing gear, camping swags… And of course his alcohol still…UGH! I barely even drink!! For a while there he thought it was hilarious to leave his beer tops all over the place and hidden under things for me to find because he knew how much it gave me the sh*ts!

Plus he makes great big dead patches all over the lawn wherever he decides to park his boat!

He’s too scared to get on the end of the shovel to fix the gravel in the driveway or dig out the drainage, he thinks we need, wait for it, a BACKHOE to do these jobs but he sweats his guts out on his weights bench every day.

I resent that there is nowhere in the house for just me. I’ve got no little space of my own which I could make just nice, for me, the way I like it. To be alone, with my thoughts! The only time I get to be alone with my thoughts are times like right now on the computer with Bub asleep and the drier on, trying to ignore all the sh*t and boys toys around me! And then Greg likes to have a go at me for being on the computer too much! Well!! And that’s just the start of another bunch of stuff that gets to him about me. But he’ll have to tell you that, I’m not about to vent about myself!

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