Sunday, February 18, 2007


Looking after a Bub creates the need to do plenty of gross things. And I’m happy to do most. I smile merrily even while scrubbing out Anakin’s pooey bum under the tap and when his little date is red and calls for some digital cream application. It’s okay when a bit of poo flies into my face when I’m hosing out nappies. (Only once this week – all the rest went in the potty! YAY!) Or when I get a warm lap full of wee.

I dig out the little crusties in his nose with my little finger, (which I must say is getting a lot harder these days as he can grab my hand and yank it away). And dig around in his ears.

I eat his left over food that’s already been in his mouth just to get rid of it. And I kiss his drooly little mouth a trillion times a day. I tolerate it kind heartedly when all of my personals get chewed up and drooled on.

I don’t mind being spewked on. And of course being a mum, you have to retrieve odd bits of food from down the backs of throats and roofs of mouths to stop your youngster choking. But there’s just one thing I know I just can’t hack. It’s an unusual one and it might seem like no biggy to you, but I just can’t have soggy bread rubbed on me!! I will not do it! IT’S FERAL!!

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