Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Ask Already!

How’d you go for Valentines Day? Got a chocolate headache yet? I got woken up with my usual good morning kiss just before Greg headed out for work. (It’s never a real nice one coz I’m in the habit of puckering up the tightest I can so he doesn’t have to be subjected to my morning breath. So my lips kind of resemble my eyes – very reluctant to open up – scrunched up in fact.) And a “Happy Valentines Day Baby.” He got a “Happy Valentines Day Baby” in return – except I didn’t say it as coherently as him. Poor man! I’ll have to try and find him something today.

Talk about Neglectarinos!One of these Valentines Days I’m expecting a proposal. I think it’s coming, one of these days. Sheesh – six and a half years and a baby later…whatdoyereckon!! He talks about the details of “our wedding” like he’s already asked the question!! “We’ll have to get my friends from Brissie up for our wedding Babe…” “When I put the shed up, we can have the reception in it. I’m sure Auntie Janice will cater – she’s a good cook!!” “It’ll be good to wait until Bubby is a bit older – then he can be the Ringbearer. How cute would that be?!” I shake my ring finger at him and say, “Do you see any diamonds??”Anyway, I’m worse. I jump ahead of myself even more. When I’ve got the sh*ts it’s – “I want a divorce!!”....but not really

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